Make A Taper Attachment For Your Lathe

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Lathe Taper Attachment
Lathe Taper Attachment
Make a taper attachment for your lathe
Make a taper attachment for your lathe
Taper Attachment & How It Works
Taper Attachment & How It Works
Lathe Taper Attachment
Lathe Taper Attachment
lathe taper attachment 2
lathe taper attachment 2

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jdurnya: excellent video ! thanks !!!

Gaurav Tavrej: Thanks

Rob Mckennie: I really dig this design. the way clamps are a great idea, beats having to work out how I'm going to get the bed of my machine up on the drill press

riphaven: It's like a British version of Siri.

sprngrdave: Great Video. I need to make a taper attachment with at least 30 inches of travel. I'm worried the a 1" TGP bar may not have the rigidity & bend. I guess it only follows the bar & the load it really on the ways. Thank You

Daniel Wahl: gaud - terrible way too present with computer voice

dale pratt: Wonderful video. I have the same lathe and intend to use this as a road map to making my own attachment. Thanks for posting this.

Planet Arous: Very nice!

Steel CAD: great vid thanks

BlairBuildersllc: Great idea but would much rather a human voice. 

Matthew Gischus: Bloody brilliant, 
I have often thought of building a taper attachment for my lathe but never bothered due to lack of simplicity, After watching your video I will be making one.
Very simple and effective..
Thanks for sharing, And best wishes on your recovery.. 

Jose Ramos: Thank you for posting this video, very informative and accurate. Well done.

Robert Cooper: i start making mine tomrrow

Richard Kicklighter: Thank you! I have studied all the taper attachments that others have built. Yours is absolutely the best. I have a Clausing 3916 that will now have a taper attachment thanks to your generosity. Keep creating!!

Francisco Guerrero Jr: That was awesome!

crh5464: Me too! Thanks for this video!

n4zou: If you are going to produce a large number of tapered barrels you can use flat stock instead of a round bar and use 3 spring loaded bearings instead if the simple plumbers delight follower I used on my taper attachment. This allows milling several different tapers along the bar that will be reproduced on the barrels. A gunsmith I know does this and I used a simplified version of it for my taper attachment. As the bearings move along the bar they push/pull the cross slide as the barrel is turned.

Troy Fregm: Very informative video, I thank you. Im a machinist but never used a taper attachment but want to make and use one for barrel tapers. Thank you

david luster: bad video....pickle hole!!!

Terry Schmidt: Awesome thinking there. Thanks for sharing.
Make a taper attachment for your lathe 5 out of 5

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Make a taper attachment for your lathe