Bark River Knives Blackwater Boot Knife

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Bark River Knives Blackwater Boot Knife
Bark River Knives Blackwater Boot Knife
My Bark River knives
My Bark River knives
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Pentax K-7 overview

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NechakoRiver: Cool, even if it is hollow ground it will still have a convex edge.

NechakoRiver: @whatstheverdict I don't do much carving but it does seem to work well. The blade is pretty thin and the point is perfect for small stuff.

NechakoRiver: That is the f3.5 aperture of the lens that gives the nice blurred background. The camera is a DSLR that can take video. I can use all sorts of lenses and get really cool video. Lots of fun!

NechakoRiver: lol :) I used my Panasonic LX3 for the video about the Pentax. I'll see about doing another one with the Fox River. Maybe with my macro lens, that would give a really good look at it.

NechakoRiver: If you can find one, get it. They are great little knives.

IHatchetJack: I'm totally jealous of that knife..if you EVER want to rid yourself of it let me know..I got money, and other Barkies to trade!!

tallswede68: That knife looks like the bird and trout knife. By the way, I just got the Aurora. I think I'm going to get one of those custom Bowies.

NechakoRiver: Yep, there are leather sheaths available. I haven't had any problems with my hands slipping. In my experience, all Bark River handles feel really good and have a great shape for gripping them. If you haven't seen it before, the Bark River forum on KnifeForums has lots of info about the knives.

NechakoRiver: This one is a keeper. :) Maybe try finding one used and send it in to Bark River to get it cleaned up or get a new handle put on it.

chrissept21: thanks alot

27dcx: i just bought one of these! cant wait till i get it. i think it is the hollow ground one though.

Neo Quello: love that ur doing the review out in the woods... how much did you spend on it..

chrissept21: i wanna look at the patina on it if its still there

NechakoRiver: @perfectshot77 Wow, good find!

NechakoRiver: Thanks :)

NechakoRiver: It still has it. The colours aren't as bright but it might show up in a video. I'll give it a try

georgio941: Can you get a leather sheath with these? Also, how is the grip on the bark river knives... I love wood and I also like those buffalo horn handles but am wondering if they are too slippy. These knives I know are really sharp and some don't have finger guards so I am wondering if you or anybody else has had difficulty choking up on these handles and slipping or when using the larger ones for chopping?

tallswede68: That's nice. I may get one.

Doggorunning: 5 stars great vid, that knife looks real nice

chrissept21: well that gunna be a little hard how are you gunna flim your camera lol im jk really clear are you going to do a close up on the fox river

NechakoRiver: @perfectshot77 If you are looking for a sheath, KnivesShipFree sells a pocket sheath that fits really well.

chrissept21: nice camera man

NechakoRiver: Thanks :)

knivesandstuff: that new camera rocks!.. the fixed focus is very good blurring out the background.. i wonder if mine will do that.. nice knife too.

NechakoRiver: It does look kind of similar. The Aurora is a great knife, good choice!

NechakoRiver: Thanks, I should have a short video about it coming soon.

NechakoRiver: @NeoQuello I think it was around $100 or maybe a bit less.
Bark River Knives Blackwater Boot Knife 5 out of 5

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Bark River Knives Blackwater Boot Knife