Tavor IWI Bullpup Rifle

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Josh Rondeau: I love people that will say the tavor is overpriced (msrp is $2000...they sell for $1600) but will pony up $1400 for an AR 15 because some company name is stamped on the side of it. 

Jack Attack: Ive compared the Tavor with the Steyr AUG A3 CQC and I can say without any bias that for the money the Tavor is overpriced.  It is also overhyped. 

Accuracy   Steyr AUG grouped 1/2" at 100 yards.  The best I have seen so far is 1.5" at 100 with a Tavor.

Ease of use, the Tavor has a slight edge on speed reloads over the Steyr, though it takes a slight bit more training to get used to the Tavor controls.

Ergonomics are very comparable, but the CQC has a lot more rail options and when used with an AFG it allows for a very dominant secure grip.

So for the money, what should you buy.  My vote is for the Steyr AUG.  It just felt like a better made gun. It had better accuracy, barrels could be swapped in seconds instead of minutes, and the overall feel of the gun screamed quality.  The Tavor reminded me of a cheap kel-tec pistol.  Junky looking plastic, looser tolerances.... The Tavor should be 1200 dollars, not 2000+

Is the Tavor good...must be battle ready since the IDF uses it, but I must say it should cost a grand less.  For the money, get the Steyr AUG A3.  You will be very pleased.

justpresstwoforawhil: who needs a tool to breach a door. just ask the Hoss to run through it; awesome

Alf Helge Hermansen: Nice channel! Following you brother beard!

willowcrazy: I'm looking into the Tavor for its ambi capability. Do you know of any mil spec/quality rifles in left hand configuration or with the convert capability like the Tavor?

Mostly humble 1: thx for the clarification.

Mostly humble 1: check out James Yeagers Vid " your excuses are invaled". It's inspiring! Less than 2 weeks old. The dude in the vid doesn't have a shoulder.

Killafox22: Question what are u going to be doing in indiana?

1975acidburn: Where did you get the tboc patch?

majormayhem1: Hey Hoss, what's the price point on the Tavor?

muznula: I like that cold steel raja 2 too. Here in Canada is my EDC. Stupid gun law.

sonriseLatrell: That wasn't champagne, it was sparkling cider. I could tell by the label I buy it every thanksgiving for the kids

Spaz Tastic: Indiana, where bouts?

sasquatch4liffee: You wasted way too much ammo trying to get the RFB to work

Sam Wagner: Nice rajahII

sickjohnson: What did you think of the trigger action / feel on reset? Thanks for the vid Hoss.

Thomas Taylor: I first saw the Tavor a few years ago on Futureweapons. I was hooked right away. I want one. Are they selling them in the US yet??

ToughItOutMedic: I -REALLY- like this rifle based on what I've seen so far. Any testing in shot groups yet between the 16" and 18" barrel? Curious how much of a difference, if any, it'll make. I'm guessing these will be hard to come across since they're just being released, but highly considering buying one if I come across it.

zombie1attacks: Thought it was iwi

toneduke: Gear.do you have it? My Buddy was a Captain with the nickmame Hoss since high school. 42 now and work with Hoss every day
Tavor IWI Bullpup Rifle 5 out of 5

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Tavor IWI Bullpup Rifle