HOW TO -properly- Close Your Expandable Telescopic STEEL BATON Self-defense Weapon

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Extra Credits: Game Reviews
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Fiery Jabiy: Thank you! I was messing around during a power outage and I found my dad's telescopic baton. I was swinging it (like a riot police) and accidentally opened it. I tried closing it by tapping, but it didn't work (because I didn't read the manual, I didn't even know that he hid it inside a calendar). I panicked, as soon as the power got back on, I turned to this video and was relieved. Thank you so much, you probably just saved a curious teenager from getting his ham tenderized.

Amber Phoenix: For me it was a little pipe they got stuck

Quintin Miller: The best and simplist video. I knew there had to be an easier way then just smashing the top on the floor. Thanks for this vid.

Aaron Grill: You see how you shake it to get it to come down? Mine seems to be in a state where it is permanently able to be shaken a tiny bit and fall down. How do I fix this?

- eniotna -: I have the 12 inch one and was always hurting my hands trying to clost it :'0 thanks men :)

Bailey (BaileyGoesLive): I got the middle segment closed but the top refuses to budge...

MrMich537: dude. thanks a hell lot.. you are the master :)

dylan dewalt: how do u open one stuck closed

Jamie Shindler: You, good sir, are AWESOME. I was seriously considering giving up / returning mine (bought it for a costume originally, didn't like the idea of having it laying around open around semi-inebriated party-goers or breaking someone's furniture / flooring getting it closed), but this method works like a charm. If I could point out one thing - you might want to make note of where exactly on the baton someone should 'thump.' I ended up trying several times at the larger joint before I watched again and realized I was doing it wrong. But thank you SO much for posting!

Guy Fawkes: Awesome i gonna totally use this

Veeraragavan N: Wow. Get out of here mr. +hunterws You sir saved my life. Thank you so much mr. machinist. That was simple & genius.

Iluv2killzombyz DJCreeperSlayer: thanks

Blakobness: Interesting, I never knew about this method so my tip is a bit scratched up from the straight-down concrete or hard surface method.  I tried this out and I can tell you that you don't need to thwap it against a chair or anything, you can actually slap it into the heel of your hand and achieve the same results.  This will make things much easier for me.

Pablo M: It was really helpful but the last (tip one) still didn't close and it doesn't look bent and I didn't slam it etc. but other did well. thanks

BeautyOnTest: You, Mister, are a life saviour.

HeroGuyrf2: Thanks man your tip help me out

Scott Finlay: This method works great, the tap method slightly bent mine, but it still works just fine.

Daniel Krider: thank, your method works best.

Alex Spencer: Thanks man, it worked, mine has just been laying on the floor open for about a week now. 

Krzysztof Grabiński: Good method, it worked with mine once, now second time it is quite hard to get it closed and I don't want to make a hole in my furniture. They should make some button that would collapse that damn thing.
HOW TO -properly- close your expandable telescopic STEEL BATON self-defense weapon 5 out of 5

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HOW TO -properly- close your expandable telescopic STEEL BATON self-defense weapon