Homemade Copy Carver Machine For Rifle Stocks

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Scraba Scrub: pantograph principal... very brilliant, congratulations. However, the bit you are using is not so desirable imho. I would have used a tungsten carbide nbr M6 drillbit with the tip rounded out. More carving power and more precise control in the curves etc, making shorter work.
The abrasive tip you were using would have been better to finish the irregularities. However, a great piece of DIY work.
Inspiring indeed.

benjamin lännström: Wow... that is clever as hell! im just... blown...

Brian Hammett: waited too long to finalize the mags. pro mag starts selling their archangel mosin stock in 2 months. converts mosin to 10 round mags. replacement mags will be 20 each. you may still be able to carve out a niche market for those that dont want to change their guns at all.

Anthony Browning: Was this an experiment or did you complete a stock? What was the finished product like?

wagner03mustang: brilliant sir. Nice work.

Adolf Hitler: @drxrspf I already told you when i asked my friend who is working in woodworking field, told me that most of the best wood working plans are rare to find online. and yes you can make some very attractive wooden projects with this wood working package. Its finally been released to the public. you can get it here >> bit.ly/LH48LQ?=niqcyb

kenmorto: Thanks for subbing to my channel. I'd like a better look at your machine if you get a chance! The 3D chucks interest me. I've got some ideas for mine that will blow your mind when I get a chance to make them!

Richard Nagy: @jakashh Very easy. It's counterbalanced with dumbbell weights hanging off the back so the carver head takes very little pressure to maneuver. It rolls front-to-back on roller skate wheels, and slides side-to-side on closed linear bearings so it's surprisingly smooth.

jakashh: How easy is that thing to maneuver?

Richard Nagy: @kingjoker74 hopefully after the new year I'll be able to focus on the mags.

zehnsechz: this is really neat. can there be a waiting list for these too? you should just quit your job already and just make mosin stuff for a living.

kingjoker74: Any idea when you'll start to put out those 10 rd. mags? I was added to a list for info you put together and haven't heard anything since.

Richard Nagy: @MrPingn Thanks! I'll be making some more videos soon, probably overviews of different rifle projects I'm working on

Richard Nagy: @UrbanTiger74 thanks!

MrPingn: You don't put many videos out. But when you do I end up watching them over and over. I'll try not to drool on your new toy.

Richard Nagy: @zephertheta Thanks. Yeah, I did it the lazy way. Lathe chucks or pillow block bearings with chain-linked rotating platforms would be the best way, but I was impatient to finally start cutting. I'll definitely add them at some point in the future. Thanks for the lathe chuck suggestion. I'll have to see if I can find a matching pair.

Richard Nagy: oh yeah, I've seen those before. Really cool machines. I've seen people build copying carvers in a similar manner to the machines you're talking about, which actually scale the carving size up the 2x, 3x, 5x etc. Sometimes the old methods are the best methods. :)

CmpsdNoMore: That's a pretty cool machine. It reminds me of something I saw when I was visiting Montecello. It was used to make duplicate letters. It had basically the same setup, but with quills instead of cutters.

Uniform Tango 74: OMG bro. You're a beast! This is AWESOME! Stay motivated and focused!

GingerPersonView: awesome combination. any update to the mosin mags?
Homemade Copy Carver machine for rifle stocks 5 out of 5

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Homemade Copy Carver machine for rifle stocks