Seal Leaks In Your Car By Yourself, Quickly And Permanently.

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Seal leaks in your car by yourself. quickly and permanently.
Seal leaks in your car by yourself. quickly and permanently.
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Fixing Tough Head Gasket Leaks
How to fix car engine radiator coolant leak yourself - K-Seal review
How to fix car engine radiator coolant leak yourself - K-Seal review
K-Seal review   Watch this before going to a mechanic
K-Seal review Watch this before going to a mechanic
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Turf n Surf: Seal leak yes, stop leak that you pour into the radiator NEVER!

fargeeks: I just realized that looking back on these old videos

I noticed you don't have anybody filming you now like you used to, such as this example in this video

Ben Keeler: Three different foam gaskets all leaked on thermostat housing repair , gonna get some of this and give it a go , thanks Scotty from the UK 👍🏻👌🏻

alex: wow its been almost 10 years! but the same passion and energy!

C D: Hey Scotty!!! Thanks for all your great advise. Excellent videos.

JourneyTotheTruthandTotalRandomness: I scoured YouTube for 1 hr trying to find this video again. I could have sworn the first time i watched it the "Right Stuff" was in the title. Couldn't even find it on your page. Anyway, thanks for posting. After 5 years my 2000 ford ranger no longer has a transmission pan leak. This product worked like you said. Installed pan with Right Stuff sealant without the gasket. Then started adding ATF about 2 minutes later. Added 1 qt of Mercon V and checked for leaks after every additional qt added. Then the big test, starting her up and letting her run for 15 minutes, then an hour long drive with multiple stops. NOT ONE FREAKING DROP OF ATF. I was amazed. Never heard of this product and amazingly it was on the bottom shelf at Autozone. The clerk mentioned that most of the mechanics in town purchase the stuff in bulk.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for sharing. You made this Marine Corps vet a happy camper. What you do is just as honorable as serving in the military and maybe you did but much appreciation for all your videos. Semper Fi!

KING REED: anything you recommend to stop leak at bottom of radiator..I have a leak that occurs at bottom radiator and also comes out around D upper radiator hose...

KING REED: Scotty is it necessary to replace all parts like cam,crankshaft seals belt tensioner,belt idler(complete water pump kit) when replacing water pump ????I have a 1998 Lexus es300

Jaime Recinos: Thanks for all this priceless information Scotty. you are a great guy. best regards

Michael Elliott: Yep, like others I like your videos.  Bought some of this stuff before I watched this video and I haven't used it just yet. That's probably a good thing.  Godspeed Scotty.

cecelia martinez: 96 honda accord spark plugs full of oil

Markus Haas: Will you be able to take the housing back off?

Luis Vega: lol , I love your videos Scotty , very informative and knowledgeable. my background is Automotive Engineering and Mechanical engineering

Dave Brehm: so i would assume this would be safe for an upper intake or a throttle body and or egr ?

Moe Morales: do you think it will seal a small hole in a waterpump. the size is about less than a quater inch radius I used red silicone before it hold for about 3 months until I added antifreeze the seal broke free

Margaret Trasher: Scott! Wow, you're hilarious!!! :) Love your videos and love cars!!! Was wondering if you could possibly answer this (probably easy for you - not me!) question?!?! I have a 1997 Honda Civic LX and there is a gas leak somewhere! My Mechanic - I think he has Alzheimer's as he has a real hard time remembering and walking??? He says that he smells no gas leaks - but when / if I fill it to about 3/4 with gas, it starts leaking like a banshee!!! Thing is, I have to have an emissions test in 3 months - and as you can tell, she's getting old!!! Only has 170,000 KM's on her and I love my little Civic!!! I am worried that since they use the old Dyno test and not OBD, the Hydrocarbons will blow > because of the smell of the gas!!! Plus, when I take the gas cap off?? There is no swisssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound - meaning, I guess that that's due to the gas leaking??? I was really close on the last e-test and I think that hydrocarbons are nothing but unburnt gas - soooo, I'm worried about this!! How easy is it to drop the tank by one's self and try to find / fix the leak??? My friend says he thinks he knows but I don't know!? Would this sealant work or is there a certain type I can buy??? My worry is how hard it is to take the tank off!!!!!!! P.S., I'm up in Canada!!!!!!!!

If you could help me, that would be amazing!!! I'd definitely have to check out your website later on! :)

Thanks. You're quite the character! You are good! I liked when you said "sniff the exhaust to see if it smells like gas!" hahaha. (Now I wouldn't worry too much about looking crazy because I did do that before - and I actually LOVED the smell!!!!!!) haha. Should have been a mechanic!!! lol
Thanks Brother!!!

Eric Harbin: lol

Mont Last: Help!! I Got A 03 Nissan Altima Car Keeps Loosing Coolant But No Leaks Wat Could Be The Problem Car Has 290k Miles But Runs Great Except For Timing Chain Rattling Noise Every Once In Awhile

iconaclastor: Hello "little friend"

Hope Jones: Thanks Scotty! I'll try that! Can't be gasket BC my oil is normal. No milky white color. Car shop Saturday, pray its a $4.99 fix lol rad cap!
Seal leaks in your car by yourself, quickly and permanently. 5 out of 5

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Seal leaks in your car by yourself, quickly and permanently.