Quick Clip: 2015 Subaru WRX (Sound Bite)

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muzaq27: A great car just got better...refined...the WRX is all grown up but has maintained it's rally car roots. The developers have explained and produced what is the new WRX. The STI is a bit of the old and new as it is equipped with the previous STI engine with some improvements. The re-introduction of an automatic drive train in the US will also broaden the WRX appeal with the CVT version just seconds slower that the 6-speed. A truly remarkable accomplishment.

Wu Ming: Blendtec blender sounds better

Joel Peñaló: Yes; without the UEL Headers the car has lost SOME of its charm. Yet now with its new sound and design it's a bit like a 4 door, 4WD, turbocharged BRZ (It's the same engine). And I like it that way

nitroblurr: Looks like crap, sounds like crap what does Subaru think their doing 

Justin Fuqua: Ack sounds all raspy! Sounds like an Evo which doesn't mean it sounds bad. Man I wish they could've come up with improvements to performance without taking away UEL headers

MrYoumitube: The car doesn't sound bad at all..but it also does not sound like the WRX we all know and love. The WRX is slowly fading away it's personality...most of it's competitors have caught up or surpassed it in either looks or performance, but what customers hanged onto was it heritage & personality. Looks like a Corolla with twin exhaust, front scoop, =( kinda sad. But if you have no idea about the history of WRX..then this is a good car.

crockeroffish: Although the new engine is much more technologically advanced, the boxer rumble will be freaking missed

daewootech: Subaru, don't you know that trademark rumble you got with the boxter engine and unequal headers is what made so many people like me love your cars, stop trying to not be what you are/were. 

Joseph Nicolosi: Subaru raised the rice bar on this one..

ealiev60: no more subaru rumble ?? No, thank you! 

MattypPhil: Equal length headers and direct inject will = fart sound.

Anthony Sanchez: Its the cvt one

Jeremy Wong: it doesnt sound like a subaru any more...

basketball798: Id get this over the 2015 mustang v6 premium all day everyday

30mmBalistic: bad sound and bad camera angles of a meh car=bad video...

BroCep7: Dafuq is going on in this WORLD...of all the gay, feminist, government and bank corruption problems going on, Subaru decides no more rumble? Are you faurkin serious!? That's like the cherry on top. Faith has been completely lost in humanity. In n Out might as well switch from burgers to gluten free chicken sandwiches 

Phyx1u5: scooby doo still the best

LiveRelentless97: No UEL headers? I mean come on Subaru, you're better than this, like honestly? 

Roy Batty: Where is the boxer rumble? =(

50nollieman: sounds like brz........brz sounds like shizzzz

beastsumo: Anyone want to buy a used invidia q300 ti for a 2011 hatch? Pm me i think i will upgrade to this car just for the comfort factor. Use it as a daily driver anyways. 

somanymods: so glad they ditched the UEL, it will drive away a lot of morons

Jesse Porter: It needs UEL headers back. It sounds like crap now. There is, however, about a 99% chance that by the time these are actually arriving at dealers, Grimmspeeed or somebody will have UEL headers available.

Pepper Adventure: Full review is more what I'm looking forward to.

Ryan Douthit: 2015 Subaru WRX - a quick clip from filming today. Quick Clip: 2015 Subaru WRX (Sound bite)

azn2mouse: That Subaru WRX exhaust sounds too clean. 

dukdude: owner of '14FXT thank god my car doesn't sound like that. I think camera sound quality sucks, otherwise it sounds like a honda civic with a fart can. anyway, turbo sounds good

Professor Craven: Thanks! Any idea when you'll have the review done? Interested to know if the seats are any good.

GhillieLand: First mod for my 2015 STi will be UELH and and a Fujitsubu full exhaust setup

basslover352: This thing sounds like ass at high rpm. That engine note is just very boring besides the rasp and rushing sound. There is no more subaru sound that so many enthusiasts craved. sad sad sad.

tungol00: CVT, Id like to hear the manual, please.

Kristopher Morris: Great looking car and I'm sure it sounds better from in the cabin than it does on these cameras.

GeeCeeAte: All Subaru cares about now is Hippies and Artists. Give us back UEL headers and some power damnit

dustin boone: Looks like you guys were testing it on the Norcal coast just north of Jenner. Great stretch of roads up there to drive a sporty car. I think it sounds pretty good by the way. I wish my 2014 Forester XT sounded like that.

alexaccent: I have replayed this video at least 100 times! Wheres the review already??? :)

Aaron C.: At 5 seconds it sounds like a typical Uneven length header Subaru, then once it takes off it sounds Even Length, Hopefully the STi still keeps the rumble!

Chris Worley: Thank you for posting this, even if it is a bit of a tease! I'm looking forward to the full review.

JAC2801: When will the official review come out?

Brent McKimm: please dont tell me they ditched the uel header........

Nightdown Fox: Sounds like the CVT....

stinky: hate it. i want the old grumbling subaru exhaust back

Joshua Southern: Nice!

Stevo1361: Thats a subie flat 4?

ColdLegend9: My grandmother's Buick would smoke that piece of crap.

alexaccent: Can't wait for the full review. Very exited to see the first impressions this car will bring. I have a feeling this model has the CVT; judging by the reving sound exhaust tone.

ipShAdOw21: Yous all do realise that this isn't an sti? The sti sounds like the proper wrx that everyone is use to, and obviously if you were to put a bigger exhaust on this one it would still sound good

Dossain Soares: sounds like the brz

kjwatts81: That sucks, no more boxer rumble, it sounds like rice with a CVT, WEAK!...

SouthPaw718: Sounds closer to a Porsche because it doesn't have UEL headers that give it that Subaru rumble we're all used to.

Impreza5drTurbo: Thanks for the clip Ryan! Is the Boxer sound gone? Did Toyota slap a more equal length header on the engine? 
Quick Clip: 2015 Subaru WRX (Sound bite) 4.1 out of 5

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Quick Clip: 2015 Subaru WRX (Sound bite)