Mossberg 500 My Home Defense

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dbltrplx: Is this guy serious?
Fking idiot .
Get rid of all your power tools and guns .

phily ***: Another one that knows pickle about shotguns. Please stop making videos, before someone innocent gets killed from your bad advice.

Dert McGert: Brass side up-not down. Train more. And mount a light in that thing FFS

CutTheKnot: You sound like a fool when you say you don't have to aim with buckshot. It reveals that fact that you've NEVER fired a shotgun before making this video because 00buck only spreads maybe 4 inches at 15 yard/45 feet. You, sir, are an idiot for putting that bad information out there.

edwoll77: Please take down your site for the sake of humanity. Please go and seek firearms training
from a reputable trainer. Perhaps after gaining the knowledge you desperately need, you
can begin to give sound firearms safety advice .

Jason Francois: Damn I swear the maverick 88 is a 90% clone of the 500s

Topspeed350: I don't like pistol grip on a SG

Andreya Vaughn: "go away!": warning #1.Rack a shell: warning #2. intentional miss: warning #3... you know what they say about three strikes

nun much: dont click if you get gross out quick and like it if you saw it

pjamese3: You might want to get that light on your shotgun before you end up shooting in the general vicinity of your daughter or her boyfriend at night. Putz.

Kpex2016: Now days, you kill someone your life is over....

tharber262: Just point in the general vicinity huh? Shooting at something you can't see in the dark? Obviously, you've never owned or fired a shotgun before & are a danger to anyone around you. People like you give gun owners a bad name

serafin roldan: Excellent w/ 00 buck 3 inch

David Flores: The way I have my mossburg is I keep the shells opposite from what you have. And I just turn the turn the gun around real quick with the mag tube faced up and load em up quick. But whatever works for you.

Дядя Федя: That buttstock is garbage, I replaced it with a Hogue

A Person: I got a shotgun just like that except mine has a strap on the fore-end and mine sadly doesnt have a heat shield

s c: glad he didn't point the crap at the camera guy.

guitarpunk105: Let me just load some live rounds into my shotgun real quick.....inside my freaking house

jubeiiiii120: Why the freak are you popping shells in the barrel???, are you freaking dumb?.

tatical1975: wrong on your idea of 00 Buck. big misconception. you have a better chance on hitting someone or need to aim at what your shooting at. now love the 500 i have one myself. best shotgun I've ever had.
Mossberg 500 My Home Defense 5 out of 5

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Mossberg 500 My Home Defense