How To Build A Stealth Cfl Grow Box -part 1.wmv

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jay point: nice and i hear music um you could of used a speaker box ? lol nice tho thanks´╗┐

John Johnson: A little dark...?? Lol

stealth grow box: Check ... really nice and cheap Stealth Grow Boxes | Grow Your Own HERBS !

Fender0nfire: How many plants would you be able to fit in there?

Weeder mik-dick: puke by eminem nice music brahh

Improvised Solutions: ISE's Box: 4 side access, portable, EZ 1 person setup, sturdy, overhead hanging support, 1000w HID & mobile home compatible. Click my icon to see it assembled. + tap 220v for high amp 110v & hydro, all supported by detailed plans.

maxovertime1979: that is not entirely true. we can search if we suspect anything illegal,damaging to the property or life threatening in anyway, but most of us will not as long as we get our rent $ and dont have cops calling us all the time. so pay your bills and dont cause your landlord any grief and you will be just fine.

SirSly420: Hahahaha , you're 0 for 1.

Ian Mc Quade: eh yeah, i don't think theres a part 2 ... i think mommy might have found his grow house... he's living on the streets now.

sean lampman: buy

sean lampman: would deffentley by for atleast 2 what it costs to make :)

+cs.tribal: nice and simple shown and explained! pretty good work done there, wanna see part 2 and the final product!

SirSly420: U can buy a carbon filter fan combo from htgsupply or best damn hydro to eliminate Smell .

Nick Sherouse: what about smell dude

Cook4Fitness: i would think a piece of cardboard would work too. if you're doing it in a rental you'll be okay. your landlord has no right to search your belongings. also, go to walmart & buy timers. you can set them to turn on at a certain time and off at a certain time. for example if you're doing 12/12, have it set for on @ 7a, off @ 7p

DaCamponTwee: low budge... your breaking a lot of rules here. Is your box at least air tight?

SirSly420: I don't use anything but if i did I would get a carbon filter to hook up to an inline fan .

Austyn hoffman: what kind of light do i need and will this work for a closet in a extra room no one goes in?

balls deep: what kind of light should i use too grow , can i get one at walmart , can i use just a house light bulb ????

Flintroid: Leaving a paper trail is not a good idea, via paying credit card XD
how to build a stealth cfl grow box -part 1.wmv 5 out of 5

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how to build a stealth cfl grow box -part 1.wmv