Dairy Goat Milking Parlor

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The Wood Craftsman (puttz1976): Nice to see the Bou-Matic system. I remember one of our neighbors had a Bou-Matic pipeline in a 40 cow dairy, the wash cycle was amazing to see the water shoot into the sphere shaped receiver and get every surface clean with its high velocity cyclonic action. Are you using an older Bou-Matic vaccuum pump, FR-4A, DB2000, or the quieter VP series? Thanks! Scott

mysticalConstrictor: you going to milk the buck? lol

‫مزارع المهندس أحمد الالمانى لكل انواع الطيور‬‎: hi onesky puppy i need your maile to can ask you some thing

Jenny V: this is an amazing setup!!!!! I am in awe!!!!! great work, wow!

Clark Phelps: .com

Clark Phelps: Sorry email is bigwalleye4@gmail

Clark Phelps: please send contact info to bigwalleye41@gmail.com   i'm interested in building a parlor like this and would appreciate some info. thanks, Clark

Clark Phelps: would you please send me your contact info, would like to discuss plans on building a parlor like this,thanks, clark

Desiree Schlicher: I am very interested in the milking set up that you have. Is it possible that we can discuss some of this? Please respond asap. We are building a parlor this summer and yours is the best we have seen so far.

Ellopid: Thank you for your help some years ago! You can see our result here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H1rzU41hZI

Last Min: Are they going the milk the large he-goat that entered the chain at around 1:25 ????

tyntyn adams: can you help me with design of this system, it just too lovely

Joe Buck: Hello,  I am also interested in pictures with the measurements.  My son is interested in starting a milking herd and we are looking into milking options...along with the other million details...

Thanks for sharing.

Goat Veterinary Consultancies - goatvetoz: Dairy Goat Milking Parlor - I don't agree with letting bucks come into the milking parlor however http://ow.ly/trZ2u

Sandra Baxendell (goatvetoz): The goats seem to like this double sided milking parlour (parlor)- probably due to the feed they get.  See the plank they walk to get to the second side. I don't agree with allowing bucks into the milking parlour  however.

Timothy Snider: What's with the buck coming in???

ben masemore: Hi, can you send me the pictures with the measurements as well? Also curious about the source for the spring loaded gates?  Is the other side indeed sold? Looking to build a parlor, and yours is the best design I've seen by far! ben@westernpearlalpines.com

Pat Lee: Any help would be much appreciated. patrick"at" watchwerks"dot"com

Pat Lee: That's a thing of beauty! Im starting a dairy at an alternative school for "at-risk" youth, in Taos, NM, and would love to build a 6x6 version of your masterpiece! (With your permission, of course!

Pat Lee: Test
Dairy Goat Milking Parlor 5 out of 5

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