Erma M1 .22lr Carbine Disassembly

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Nakealon Mosley: I have a problem with mine.... it seems every time I take it out to shoot it. I rooster it then I shoot, the bullet shoots but my shell always gets stuck in the chamber. Is it because of the new magazines or the type of bullets.... I dont think its the bullets because the problem just started to happen recently.

Phil Gallier: bcp trop complexe a demonter

Lammeune Romalia: i came here because of your gun, but i kind of find your background music strangely familiar.. i get the feeling of familiarity but i cant put my finger on how or when i got to know this song hmm..

MistressXing: Hey yaoi I have the same Thing at home but never tried it any tipsĀ  about it?

YaoiMastah: I just uploaded a review..

Shannon Slone: Hay bro how about doing a video on putting together with over view I think it would help a lot cheers

Sol Wogan: you can make magazines for them quite easily by modding a Mossberg 22LR Plinkster magazine :) I did it and they work great :) sadly none of the nice magazine shroud to make it look right. Lovely gun though eh :)

YaoiMastah: The best ammo is CCI Standard Velocity (lead round nose) ....don't try CCI Stingers, they'll ruin your gun. Mind you that this rifle was made in a time when lead round nose .22lr were the only type of .22lr ammo available on the European market.

YaoiMastah: It's a german sporting rifle.. not an M1 carbine.. not really a plinker either.. If you take good care of it, use the right ammo, it is more reliable and accurate than any .22lr semi-auto on the market, and I kid you not.

YaoiMastah: You can unscrew the peepsight and then mount any decent mount in the rails.. Not sure where to get the magazines, I'd usually check out the discount bins at gunstores or gun markets.. You can also check out eBay or ask around on milsurps.. How many do you got? And please note that there's two different types of mags.

YaoiMastah: Outstanding.. It's german made, so expect a lot of Teutonic Gnome Magic inside... Can't find a better .22 lr semiauto rifle. A shame they went bankrupt some years ago..

YaoiMastah: I'm not even going to film the putting-it-back-together. It usually takes me a full hour of cursing and numerous attempts and the sudden realization I forgot yet another tiny-yet-essential part.

Hen3tje: "Make sure it is unloaded" *bang* another hole in the ceiling!
Erma M1 .22lr Carbine Disassembly 5 out of 5

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Erma M1 .22lr Carbine Disassembly