DIY CNC 6040 Machine Digital Probe How To

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DIY CNC 6040 machine digital probe how to
DIY CNC 6040 machine digital probe how to
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Tributary House Ltd.: Probing?



Jani Skocir: video...would you be kind enough to send me screen set?
and what about scripts-do you have them?

Chad Simmons: who cant believe that what he did was not important , it makes me wish that back in high school i had paid more attention to my studies and less attention to the girls. ( THANKS 4 GOOD VIDEO )

William Terry: Thanks for the lesson!

nyodine: G'day,

I have been watching your videos as I just ordered a 6040 USB 1,500W spindle and 4 axis, another week or so and will be here but, like any other beginner in CNC hobby world, I have 1,000 questions and many more that I'm aware yet but, if I have to start somewhere, there are 2 issues that I would like to discuss and the first one is, I will be using 95% wood on my CNC and so, how could this method work on wood...??

The other issue that, has nothing to do with this video or issue, is in relation to the use of the A axis on these machines, what software can I use to design the items/pieces and where can I learn to use the 4 axis all at the same time...??
Do you have A axis on your machine?


Juan Alberto Barrera: Dear cruddCNC
Do you have the diagra to conect a limit switch on the yoocnc x4jkb board....?

FluffMuncher: Hey Mate,  cool video.  but tell me,  with a 6040 (I have one on order),  how do you dial in the Z axis with a probe to match the length of the tool?  or am i thinking too much and the tooling are all the same length and butt up to the top of the chuck/taper/spindle?


Jonny Deth: This is a superb tutorial for a beginner like myself. 
Thank you.
Regardless of the simple methods for zeroing, this is surely more precise.  
I will install some banana jacks in my control box for probing on a regular basis since I am absolutely obsessed with accuracy in all my other skills and studies so milling isn't going to be treated any differently.  

wingedlightning: Unless your making something for aerospace "specifically" where you have multiple work pieces using a probe is really stupid, it's faster and just as accurate to just zero in any number of traditional ways... again probing is best for repeatability in parts that are not exactly the same; example castings, forgings, etc..

I understand this video is instructional to the use of the probe but using a probe to find hole center for one part is just noob~!

Gabriel Ueta: Why do not you use wireles mouse and  keyboard?  Does this cause interference in Mach3?

DorksDelivered: Fantastic Videos, I went out and purchased a 6040 for myself after watching. Can you please link me to mach blue probing by big-tex metric download?

John Burke: Hi luke where did you download probe screen from?? Great videos by the way

Largo: A titanium workpiece can do?

Nathan Matthews: Your videos are really top notch!  Lots of great information.  I've learned a LOT from watching your videos.  Cheers!

Santosi: why Center finding a hole when you already got it? :D

Rod Jackson: I have also had the power supply go on mine as well got a new one from Jaycar quicker than waiting for it from china

Rod Jackson: I found my pin for my probe is 10 and the emergence stop and the e stop is 15. But on the wiring and pin  out of my controller is the other way round. I think it is the Mach 3 software. Because it would not let me change them in the config setup

carlric: Great video, you are the bestest!!

tony humblestone: Hi It now running great, had to change the stepper motor drivers and have changed 2 of the motors for more powerful ones, the power supply failed last month so are running two pc power supplys for the moment. the guy i got mine off has very bad customer support so would not recomend them but there are so many on there that are the from the same factory. the basic machine is great just the electronics are cheap, if you run them slow there are ok cheers Tony

sn0wchyld: hey mate, can i ask who you bought the cnc off (ebay user id?) hows it running after 7 months? thinking of geting one myself... cheers
DIY CNC 6040 machine digital probe how to 5 out of 5

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DIY CNC 6040 machine digital probe how to