SC4 Apprentice Starkiller's Ending

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Star Wars The Apprentice

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22kingdomheartsfan: I remember playing SC 3 for the Xbox with my older brother. It was a lot of fun. And it got me HYPED for The Force Unleashed! One of the best Star Wars games EVER! Force Unleashed 2 was good but it was too damn short. And I wish they made a 3rd so we could complete the story.

Ray: Is it on Xbox 360

jckspacy: This scene really pisses me off because it reminds me how we'll never see Starkiller again! Starkiller is literally my favorite Star Wars character. His story was incredible and he is such a good character! However Disney had to disown him and the rest of the expanded universe for some stupid reason. Well, screw you Disney. Thanks for taking away my favorite character.

Conrado Javier: Hey!, Ahsoka Tano Called, & She says She wants her Moveset Back.

immortal pixel: this was the star killer i wanted ti see in the force unleashed not the man boy i saw crying the screen for like four hours

philip beaumont: In my opinion, the best ending in the game. This game and The Force Unleashed were my favorites with Starkiller, his real name is Galen Marek.

Monster Master Gojira: Starkiller sure sounds aggressive when he grunted!

Diego Sanchez: He choke him for 20 seconds hes badass!!

Storms and Saugeye: How he lived and where he went from there? My friends, allow me to go ahead and do the credit roll for the force unleashed...

Ji-San: No he is not he the most powerful

Conrado Javier: 5 Has Ezio from Assassins Creed & a Moveset of Devil Jin, Give Us Soul Calibur All-Stars.

SIXCHA: kindof want to see the original 360 ending

Yero: wtf i had the demo of this game vader is in it

Nigel Deacon: @OpheliaImmortal *facepalm*

Eppit Tanka: @n1g3ld34c0n Pleasse keep us updated on your thrilling thoughts of a videogame ending everyone else just watched.

Eppit Tanka: Vader and Starkiller having a falling out over some magic rocks is pretty freaking goofy but it's not really any worse than anything else relating to Starkiller.

Gunther Force: @bxkvenom65 No, these are just guest characters in this game. Soul Calibur 2 had Link from Legend of Zelda (Gamecube), Spawn (Xbox) and Heihachi from Tekken (PS2) then Soul Calibur Legends had Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia and Kratos from God of War was in Soul Calibur: Broken Bond. So this is just how they do things with their games.

Gunther Force: Ya, you only get this version on 360 when you download Vader from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Gunther Force: my bad, beat arcade with yoda, and ya u can actually, just u need xbox live

Aidan Teleki: you cant be vader in the xbox 360 version and you dont get him with yoda
SC4 Apprentice Starkiller's Ending 5 out of 5

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SC4 Apprentice Starkiller's Ending