Tokarev 7.62x25 M57 Test Shoot

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Very rough new channel trailer with terrible cameraperson USEFUL INFO though
Very rough new channel trailer with terrible cameraperson USEFUL INFO though

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Cache Site: Nice...indications are that most ammo; wolf gold and ppu has that round traveling at 1700 fps at muzzle.....WOW!!! for a pistol....that is eating right through level IIIa soft armor.  Grats on your buy.

SolidSnake52321: Saddle Creek Gun Range for the bad old Bob passed away though...I always liked it when he would shoot the crap with you while you shot crap...R.I.P. Robert Hott...

ping win: югославский (сербский) м57, 9-ти зарядный, длиньше рукоять, предохранитель, регулируемая мушка, в остальном ТТ-33

Саша Саша: 9 патронов это клон но не ТТ-33.

Hero Of Ferelden: Hi there, How much was that TT-33 style pistol?

Jimmy Pournaras: just shot one today for first time think im gunna buy it cool gun

BALJIT147: I was thinking of buying a 22lr, but now I'm thinking of buying one of these.

Dan Ellis: The M57 really was a surprise to me. I bought my first one simply because it became C&R eligible but I loved it so much that I bought a second. They really are fun... that and the manual safety is actually in the proper spot. Bulgarian surplus can still be had for $138/800, so it's still affordable to shoot (about $8.50/50 if my math is right).

Ryan -: @welickovic Its called aiming

jumpa01: @welickovic you dont shot? WTF kinda talk is this? some people I tell ya They think they know it all then you look and they cant even spell

matt tremer: @welickovic dude what the freak are you talking about he is takeing aimed shots, so obviaously you would do rapid frie and nice your target nice job smart one.

Truckin Dad: @welickovic freak u

*W*: freak you kitty, you dont shot you have fear !!!
tokarev 7.62x25 m57 test shoot 5 out of 5

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tokarev 7.62x25 m57 test shoot