Direct3D Accelaration Fix 100%

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Michal Brejcha: what run dowloead pls I am cz no English :(

FamilyGuyPlayLOL: all of the directx futures are : not available. for me

SPYTutoriales: Name of the music?

Anon nymous: i can't edit in directx control panel ... help 

Kai Olude: i do regret it i wasted almost a freaking hour of this crap

Jinx Loose: it workssss!!!!!!!!! YOU SAVE MY LIFE!

Marijn Vermeulen: Did you really had to make it 9 minutes long? It could also be done in 3 minutes.

Athiant Islamey Ahdiat: i dont see directx in system32

Lucas Moura: At the end of the video you say make sure you got all of these options one of which is Debug Layer 'Force On' which you cannot edit yourself, for me it's 'Application controlled' Could that have any effect about it? I assume not, but still if it does, how can I change it?

Abhishek Bodake: THANX BRO 

Dimitar Geroski: Now what to do ? click on the link

Fabio Vungo: what is the first music??

leon kolovrat: I got it on the computer Windows XP Professional

spiro tanevski: tkes ages the directx10

Stipe Gale: how to open direct x properties

Athiant Islamey Ahdiat: crap happen to my computer when i enable the DIRECTX my screen is flickering and when i run a game its running slow!!!! CAN YOU help me fix my problem?

Stipe Gale: PLZ SOMEONE HOW TO OPEN DIRECTX PROPERTIES????????????????????????????????????????????????

axel kung: how to open the directX properties

Erick Ascencio: mine says not available.

ching chong: update ur link please...

Arya Ajgaonkar: LINK is UP and WORKING!!

Arya Ajgaonkar: LINK is UP and WORKING!!

Nuru Iliasu: the link don´t work

Arya Ajgaonkar: it worked for most users...

jonathan thostrup: Link is not working, Update thanks

Darkgamer191: How to tick Force On

Petsociety Ahmed: 1) link doesn't work 2)i cant see any comment says "Thnx worked" or anything to that 3)most of our dxdiag says unavailable I do really appreciate what you tried to do which is to help us but i think the only thing helped us to continue this video is the cool songs u had and cool backgrounds

Thunder ALX: Just download it from microsoft type download Direct3d on google:)

McDzoni99: music is good but this don t work

The Ghost That Knows The Most: i did :P

Arya Ajgaonkar: ok

Arya Ajgaonkar: No idea...

Arya Ajgaonkar: LINK is UP and WORKING!!

Benjamin Ko: can u give me the download links

The Ghost That Knows The Most: so you install and bam it works? well it didnt :/

Taylor Lee: still no link

YoNeon: Fix the link!

Alexander Jakobsen: Dosent Work :(

John Martin: i've got directx11 this is work??? on directx11??

星雨 流: how to open directx prorerties?

Arya Ajgaonkar: what? I dont know.....check some other video sorry =(

JustAwayFrom: this is a virus

Rogue Cheney: cool song but not work

Arya Ajgaonkar: go to "Run" the type "dxdiag"

Arya Ajgaonkar: what?

RandomOnlineGamerYO: 90% of people marry their 7th grade love. Since you have read this, u will be told good news 2night. If you don't post this on nine comments your worst week starts now this isn't fake. Apparently, if you copy and paste this on ten comments in the next ten minutes, you will have the best day of your life tomorrow. You will either get kissed or asked out In the next 53 minutes someone will say I love you

P7 AntyX :]: Te texture acceleration is like mimed out and wont let me click it lik trying to cancel an install but you cant

P7 AntyX :]: sorry spell error it wont let me click the texture thing for direct3d just the middle and top ones

_M4theus: The link its delected

Arya Ajgaonkar: it should
Direct3D accelaration fix 100% 3.6 out of 5

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Direct3D accelaration fix 100%