How To Change Ringtone On LG Xpression 2

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How to change ringtone on LG Xpression 2
How to change ringtone on LG Xpression 2
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Briana Courtney: A friend of mine has an lg xpression 2 and somehow it went from English to Chinese, Japanese like symbols after it went dead. We have no idea on how to change it back to English! Any help?

Sean Diskin: I have the LG Xpression 2 LG -c410 - blue and my phone is in Chinese and I can't change it back to English. Can anyone help?

Freya Jarrett: please post a video of stargazer!! I lost my LG and I want to hear it again!!

glen tiller: how do u transfer music from your mp3 files as your ringtones

Breanna Marie: Thanks for all the views guys! I'll be trying to answer more questions! Follow my twitter: @breanna2405 for more questions! Thanks!

QQQQQQQQQQQQQQLOLTHATISLONG: I don't like the choices they give you. How do you do your own?

MattJew Apt: use

AnimeChibiGuy: Im writting this off of one right now.

Mettaton: My comp doesn't show up on bluetooth when I try to make it connect through the phone....

CapnFuzz1111: Make sure that the run LENGTH of your ringtone is less than 15 seconds. I can currently set an mp3 file as my ringtone, however it's only a couple of seconds long.

CapnFuzz1111: You can transfer the files to your phone using bluetooth.

TheNateBeSoGreat: Is there a way to set your own voice recording as a ringtone?

Salma Ibrahim: Help me please I got my phone two days ago and I want to know of you can turn your music into a ringtone and how PLEASE HELP

Spencer Reed: i noticed in this video that when you take out the keyboard that when it turns sideways there is one empty space for another icon how would you get to it without the keyboard out?

Spencer Reed: can you have different ringtones for different people?

Clayton L: How do I set a recording as my ringtone?

Kai R: can you assign ringtones to contacts?

Victoria M: How do u set up the music in your music payer as a ringtone?

Mettaton: Is it possible to download anything without the memory card? I have the charger that also works for my computer but when I click on the removable disc it says to "insert a disc". Can't you download to the phone memory itself?

annie4horses: My boss was showing me his new phone today (LG Xpression) and man, his ringtones were cool! I noticed they were attributed to an mp3 extension, which leads me to believe that they are stored in an accessible place within the phone. If possible, could you extract the ringtone files out and post them to YouTube or send them via a private message? If you are unable to, no worries. Many thanks from a fellow LG phone user! :-)
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How to change ringtone on LG Xpression 2