Radiator Fan / Relay / Cooling Fan Switch Not Working: Honda Civic

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Jeff Neely: My Radiator fan has 4 wires....how do i know what is what

AL AMEEN SAKEER HUSSAIN: Renault koliyose Radiator fan ( Right side ) is not working. ..? Why ? Pls answer. 2012 model pls reply my watts up no. ( 00971505421969 )

HYPE WARRIOR!!: Clear incredible informative thanx

jakester Phillips: So if the fan does not turn on from paperclip in the temp switch is it the relay or temp switch? The relay clicks but fan does not turn on. Thanks.

jini08taeki: What is the size mm for the cooling fan switch on the clip? is it a 19mm to take out or 22mm?i cannot find any writeups on the cooling fan switch

Husker1 Husker1: My 2003 Mini Cooper fan won't shut off

Andrew X: Before doing this, check the fuses and relays. There is a 20 amp fuse for the cooling fan. Also a 20 amp fuse for the condenser fan. Relays can be checked by swapping them with the horn relay. If horn blows, they're ok.

Big Rug: My 20a condenser fan fuse keeps blowing every time I put a new one in it it blows, my fans are not working at all therefore my AC ain't cooling does anyone no why the fuse keeps blowing?

JoNiBoiShOw2301: Would this work on my 00 integra?

Edwin Lovo: straight to the point and very helpful. #paperclip method is very helpful

23tomi23: Whats the difference between cooling fan temperature switch and coolant temperature sensor?
I found the coolant temp. sensor (it has 3 pins) and if I disconect it, the temp guage in the dash wont work.
Will the same paperclip method work with coolant temp. sensor? It has 3 pins. I found out that one pin is ground. And I dont know in what pin hole should I stick the wire to short it?
Does your cooling fan switch (in the video it has 2 pins) also has 1 pin grounded?

MauldtheMan: Hey, mate, I used your video this morning to diagnose my '98 Civic's problems, and I just want to say great job on this video! No fluff, you just get straight to the point and everything was easy to follow and very clear.

This was extremely helpful

equitydude: Thank you man, does this also work on the air conditioning fan?

Jaime Ray: Helpful video; an efficient trouble shoot. Thanks!

Robert Mrbena Mrbena: Would the ECT sensor dictate the thermostat temperature? I've been stumped Fan will not come on almost 3/4 to the red at times 2 lines from the red won't kick on the coolant fan, only time the coolant fan cycles on and off is when the heater is on, this is not normal?Only time it would work is when I turn the a/c on which manually turns both fans on condesner and coolant fan, both fans are new, radiator new, new rad cap, fresh coolant new water pump, new thermostat, head gasket seems OK no signs no bubbles or milky color or smell from exhaust or any coolant in oil mixed, so is this a failing ect sensor? Its a 05 Honda civic so most of the failing parts are intermittent, never just die.
Quality Parts are Napa also OE and "new" to a year old. Condenser fan, water pump, thermostat is new and rad/coolant fan radiator and rest is about a year old it works and kicks on, just (not) when it gets hot. Please help. No check engine and relays checked out good too.

Paul Kiel: thanks dude! helped me diagnose my 94 civic

uberwiz: Thank you! I figured out the issue with my fan because of your video.

healthyamerican: i jumped it but no power to fan and no click from relay...so i must need a relay...problem is i have three of them..so how do i know which one to change

Truthseeker1: Thanks snag easy. Wasn't sure where the fan switch was actually located but you showed me exactly where. Thanks again.

Lucas Stance: My fan works I replaced temp sensor not quite sure if my relay is bad
Radiator Fan / Relay / Cooling Fan Switch Not Working: Honda Civic 5 out of 5

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Radiator Fan / Relay / Cooling Fan Switch  Not Working: Honda Civic