Radiator Fan / Relay / Cooling Fan Switch Not Working: Honda Civic

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Jinglei Cai: Sir, do I have to drain the coolant before I remove and replace the radiator fan switch?

benny pelayo: good help man thanks

Donny C: Thank you so much man i figured out it was the relay from your video! I had ro really dig youtube to find this.

Joey Butor: any other reasons why a fan won't work? iv done the tests and its came on and iv done the thermostat and that sensor on the thermostat I don't know what it is but it won't come on

Monstrosity Sound Inc.: The relay look different but you can test with the others they plug right in and are wired the same way to

jcastle003: Great video! I have a 93 Civic and noticed the radiator fan wasn't switching on. I wired a manual switch (instead of the paperclip). One wire on the temperature switch connector goes to the relay and the other goes to ground. So I wired the relay connection to my manual switch inside the car and the other side of the switch to ground inside the car. I only turn on the fan when the car is up to temp and sitting at a stoplight. I switch it off when I get going over 30 mph.

One of the biggest reasons these engines blow head gaskets is due to overheating. And a common reason why it overheats is failure of the thermoswitch.

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Costa Junior: I've got a Honda Civic Si with a brand new radiator. The radiator coling fan works well for around 5 kilometers or so; then, it just dies, and the temperature rises quickly. After the car's engine is cold again, I turn it on and the same repeats. What can be wrong?

kobe0834: if your cooling fan doesn't turn on,  the problem is very likely NOT the thermostat so u can prob cross that one off the list, the thermostat is very easy to check ... if its stuck in the closed position your car will overheat very easily within a few minutes because the cold coolant from the radiator is blocked from reaching the engine, and if its stuck in the open position it will have no effect on the cooling fan or fan switch, (the car will just take longer to warm-up) your engine should still heat up then activate the cooling fan switch at the proper temperature, that leaves the cooling fan switch as the most likely malfunction

Daniel Lopez: ive done everything in ur video and replaced the cooling fan switch fans still wont turn on it will only turn on with paperclip help please

tri pham: hi, i have a question if you can help me. i check my new radiator fan switch and even with cold or hot. they have little to no resistant.???shouldn't it be open unless temp go high enough then it close.?? however even with that, my fan does not come on unless i turn on AC. and yes, i check the fan motor and relay and they also seem to be fine. (just replace coolant temp sensor as well) what could it be do think?? it is for a 1996 toyota camry 4 cyn .

cadw600: soo what was your problem? and what did you replace to fix the problem? I just bought the Thermo Switch $40, gonna replace that when i have the time. At first i thought it was the relay.

Danny Martinez: when you turn on car is radiator fan supports to turn on? My car has never over heated but I never see fan on when I open hood

Kevin Wooten: great video/instructions..... I've worked on cars all my life but your video gave me much needed info on a car I've not had to repair before, therefor I had limited knowledge of this car. THANKS AGAIN BROTHER!!

Jaden Erickson: thank u man!

trevathecleva: this guy had some decent tests but he ignored fuses! and running wires from battery with no overload protection is a huge risk! also there could be a wiring issue that could change a diag. such as if the fan switch was not plugged in all the way etc..

daniel mejia: Does anybody know where the relay switch is at, got a 92 civic with 94 Acura engine.

bike life: I have a honda Accord 1996 I replace all my sensors for my radiator fans and ac fan plus new relay theirs one problem theirs no power going out to activate the sensors. I test my fans switch no power I tested the new sensors no power so I'm having a electric problem.

Michele T: I have Saturn Vue 2004 v6. My Ac works when keep driving but when I, on full stop or idle is not blowing cold air. I replaced my fan relay. I check my a/c and the fan to the left turns on but the right doesn't c I noticed the left do fan turns on but it doesn't stay on running. What do you suggest? Do i need to relaxed the relay fan that's attached to the fan? Pls help

Joel Goyena: I have a 2005 Nissan Murano. When I start the car I can see the temperature reading increases slowly up to the middle but the radiator fan will never start. Turning on the air conditioner suppose to turn on the 2nd auxiliary fan but it's not until I remove the temperature sensor connector, both fan turn on and gauge reading is Low. No cold air also when turning on the air conditioner. I measure 4.8 V from the positive terminal to ground. I removed the sensor and measured 1.5 K ohm if cold and up to 200 ohms when it's hot (when submerge to hot water). Shorting the connector show HI gauge reading and fan turn on. What could be wrong here?
Radiator Fan / Relay / Cooling Fan Switch Not Working: Honda Civic 5 out of 5

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Radiator Fan / Relay / Cooling Fan Switch  Not Working: Honda Civic