How To Draw A Graffiti Character (DEVIL) By Wizard 2012

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Best graffiti stickers from WIZARD from (CHOLOWIZ13) - Instrumental Beat
Best graffiti stickers from WIZARD from (CHOLOWIZ13) - Instrumental Beat

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Molly Smith: nice graffiti drawing 

Atrin Zolghadr: Isn't wizard right handed? Weird. 

fabian roldan: vacano cool

A Sh: Can you ever draw something happy?!

TheIrishgangsta5: where do you put the camera?

nerfblader1: i like this one :)

Ryetaggz: Yo can u draw tiny with a spray can on each side for me please it would mean a lot!

baldangryman: Request - Hannibal Lecter style character in a straight jacket

Macons GamingLab: Isn't Wizard right handed?

dito tutters: that is cool


Rob3rt961: Sick

ijayjoshua: So cool

gabby1236625: @gabby1236625 im not completely sure, just try

onmychannle43: Wats this song called

justplainskill: crazy left hand drawers

shade476: @Die142300 thats also grammatically correct

EnergyXHawkZz: Hey im just starting out and I was wondering how you think of all of these characters and do you have any tips. Do you think the name ALIEN7 is any good?. Thanks for inspiring me to start graffiti. Awesome vid by the way.

MrACDCopoulos: @cholowiz13 Can you draw my name? ; GRIT

SwiftTashaun32: Yo im just another brutha out the hood tryna make it I dance and y'all it would mean a lot if u check out my channel and subscribe because I'm nuthin without my fans.........I'm out peace

patryk katuszewski: This gue is awesome :0

blakeisable: you the best

Ricardo Guedes: eu consigui desenhar tudo

cotytupocotytu: Meybe You could draw something like a angry graffiti fish?

Avi Minhas: i jus noticed that hes lefty

Lewis Epton: can u graffiti my name in any style plz

graffitibyshine: can u do shine in graffiti i love ur stuff and your bros stuff 2

dub11111111: eh eh


CaMeLyiNN N: stop at 0:39 *trollface*

Randy HPC: como se llama la musica

Jacob Brown: Wtf? He's right handed in any other vid.

cholowiz13: this video is Backwards

Holden Coons: Kinda the same.. Music blew, twice

JokyGames: why you use left hand ??

Paco Duran: No mames way

Lisa Duch: c'est trop bien fait

sophia kastrinaki: super!

Derrisha Lewis: We're did u learn to draw so gud??

feezord: please do commantry

Matheus Oliveira: where can I buy this pen?

ƪɠøɌ Ƹɱʌ ɳɲƲɇȴ: ^^

Ricky Knowlton: cool man

SwiftTashaun32: Can you do my name sahmari.?.

TheRisk1992: very cool drawing, but please could you tell me what it's called Song Video? It is very well, thank you in advance;)

TheAnimeZuriel: whats is name of the song?? pleasee

MrACDCopoulos: can u draw my name; GRIT ??

andreavelez123: Can You Draw A Dispicable Me Minion With The Name "KLEX" (: Pleaaaaseeee, <3 :D

OnlineGamingHDZ: Amazing i love all your drawings

Papa Dock: His cameras backwards stupid freakssssss
How to Draw a Graffiti character (DEVIL) by Wizard 2012 4.8 out of 5

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How to Draw a Graffiti character (DEVIL) by Wizard 2012