Borderlands 2 How To Get Easy Legendary Guns (Warrior Farming)

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Tim Wells: Ive gotten a pearl weapon first time then second time i got 5 of them and i was only level 20

desertegle40cal: Its the moonshot that gives you the legendary.. So after beating the warrior, SAFE AND QUIT. Then go back in and the warrior will be there ready with the moonshot.  Hit the moonshot and let the person (or second controller get the loot and save and quit) this will not save the HOST game.. Then Dashboard for XBOX or ALT+F4 to get out and the other player will still have the loot and you can keep hitting that moonshot button over and over.. Theres a 50/50 chance of getting loot.. Im literally doing it RIGHT NOW and ive gotten 2 volcanos, 2 leechs (one fire, one corrosive) and Jacks legendary mask in 6 shots.. Im level 72 BTW Still going..... Gunna see what else i can get!  Happy Hunting!

CanniestRug: If i finished the mission will this still work?

Callan12345: GT IS NinaFifi

Callan12345: I need to do this gt is NinaFifi

simbarashe: Nice me and my brother did this and we got impaler twice legendary head conference call valcano leech flakker this works great

L0N3WULF48: By the way this works on both PS3 and Xbox!

L0N3WULF48: yes you can do this offline (solo), what you need to do is use split screen (use another controller), Now with your main controller after fighting the warrior, before you moonshot him, kill yourself in the lava, it will take you to the fast travel/ ammo depot area and automatically save your game, now with controller #2 hit the moon shot and seek out any legendary's laying around, if you find one, take it and quit and save game, dashboard out of the game with main controller, rinse and repeat!

WHISPERED77: Shadow can you do this solo?

jonny smoth: yes it can and will work offline split screen cus that's the way I get it done on my 360

Charles Reese: I want a conference call bad. I have killed the warrior at the least 40 times using this method and haven't gotten one yet. Please message me on xbox live sato25.

FearMastaZ: Thanks man, I can't even tell you how many times I've farmed the warrior without getting the conference call. I've never had one and I really want one but I've only ever gotten like 6 leeches 2 or 3 impalers thunderball fists a slaga and I think maybe a volcano.. But no cc! Maybe this will help :)

Russpot: Anyone Wanna Do This on PS3? PSN: xXLFC4EVAXx

Nerf Physx: Who needs to refight just disable your badass rank and enable it again to save it after you kill the warrior and dashboard it and open the game and just call moonshot

Mr123456789Destroyer: It works 2 player as well

TheHyperHobo: How about PC?

Voke: I killed the Warrior on vault hunter mode before watching this video as I assumed it would respawn, so can I not kill it again (farming) Because we didn't finish off Jack, we just called the moonshot and then saved and quit..

Alex Lauda Iturrioz: when i defeat the warrior the legendary gun drop was down of his body help

ugojj1818: no if the split screen character picks up the loot then goes to badass points and turns them off then back on it will force a save for only that character. then you dashboard
Borderlands 2 How To Get Easy Legendary Guns (Warrior Farming) 5 out of 5

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Borderlands 2 How To Get Easy Legendary Guns (Warrior Farming)