Machining A Spur Gear

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Machining a Spur Gear
Machining a Spur Gear
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Making a Spur gear in Milling machine
Making of a Spur Gear
Making of a Spur Gear
How to Cut Spur Gears by Rudy Kouhoupt.wmv
How to Cut Spur Gears by Rudy Kouhoupt.wmv
Comparison of metal gear cutters - for DIY spur gears
Comparison of metal gear cutters - for DIY spur gears

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dominadorbudiao: i really like this video,more on Math such as fraction,division,geometry and trigonometry those are my worst subject on my early days,

arkomo54: Who plays the music

mrmikemanify: i got to get me some of those cutters

TomBrooklyn: Thanks for showing all those steps and explaining them.   Thumbs up.

samuel pine: Perfect song selection !!!!!!!!

mpltm68: Thanks for the video

Arnold's Design: Thank you for the round tuit. I guess I better get back to my shop.

ramikwaldh kwaldh: great video i want to make gear no teeth 28 out side diameter do =44mm but i have only set gear cutter in inch. write in it TRUBOR England no= T= Dp= PA= D+F how to calculate these terms for choose appropriate cutter thank you

vesperhbtmotor: I have a prototyping design for a production part that I need made can I send you the drawings so you can give me a quote on cutting 6 prototype gears? they are a 45 deg angle gear.?

robert garcia: i love the music at the end

MeMad Max: Very well done.

Goerletz: Cool

PHY104: i learned in 5 minutes something my lecturer was trying to teach me in one semester

798unionpipeliner: @123PSI well i'm 18 year's old started welding at the age of 9 I'm going to join local 798 pipeliners union when i'm 20 year's old.

stevenmorookian16: that is a big ass piece of brass.

0016bLitz: best gear machining video..

Jerry Hodges: I like your teaching style. Easy to understand. I have a 2" square steel rack 12" long with a DP4 and AP of 14.5 degrees (big teeth). I want to machine a steel spur gear for the pinion to lift and lower <100 lbs by crank. What is the smallest workable diameter gear I can make. Since I do not plan on buying an expensive gear cutter for just one gear, I am going to single point cut this on a lathe arbor/mandrel. Looking forward to more videos from you. Thank you.

TheRetiredtrucker: @EarlRausch Ya he tapped it using the drillpress. Drill the hole. insert tap into chuck and turn the spindle (or pulley on top) by hand. As long as you remember to break the burr every 3 turns, youll never break a tap

baldfatgit1: clever man love the vid :) music is good to :)

ELsayed Ayman: really thnks
Machining a Spur Gear 5 out of 5

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Machining a Spur Gear