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ogarzabello: Have they been performing well over time?

Frank Martin: Bear Grylls parang is based on the duku (duku is parang in Iban language) chandong (one foot long straight chopper of the Iban community in Sarawak, Borneo (Malaysia). The three parangs you showed here are of the same thing.

stephen nelson: please someone respond and tell me what the appeal of a parang is. i havent owned one and to me they dont look like anything special. but i may be wrong so i was just wondering how the blade shape and all preforms compared to a normal bolo or latin machete. 

Linda Harris: He should camo paint the knife.

sweetcostarica: Truth is to the beholder. Experience shows that an Axe is best for heavy chopping. You see this common sense approach to wood working everywhere including Southeast Asia. If a person like to uses a Condor Parang or other tool that is good. They are heavier than normal Parangs and if you research Junglecrafty you will even find more interesting traditional Parang dimensions that are around one (1) lb or less. Stoney Lonsome your heavy western style Parang drops it out of the all round category.

Stoney Lonsome: The truth is that parangs were made for heavy chopping as well, you just have to buy the thicker ones. Mine is made by Condor and is 3/16 of an inch thick 1075 high carbon steel, 12" blade, convex grind flattened on the end for carving, walnut handle that swells drastically at the end for good grip when chopping, full tang construction, and a nice leather sheath. Runs about 40-60 bucks american, Well worth it too, best all around knife i've ever had for bushcraft, jungle trekking, etc.

true7005: I will be sending an email with attached photos of the damage.

Outdoordynamics Malaysia: Hi True7005 , Nadir here. drop me an email about the chipped parang and I'll see what I can do.

sweetcostarica: Oh yeah.

cagammon: Baaaa gryssss!

sweetcostarica: That's not good. You should write/call/Skipe Outdoor Dynamics for a replacement. Chipping, breaking, too soft/too hard metal happens every once in a while to handmade products everywhere. You should give Outdoor Dynamics and Bidor another chance because what happened to you is rare with their big blades, very rare.

true7005: I bought the chandong from outdoor dynamics and the blade chipped a big chunk under regular use and force on a 3inch osage branch. extremely unhappy with that company. so no don't check out outdoor dynamics unless you want something that will break. I've been looking for months for a parang maker to no avail. I wont buy from condor or cold steel because they have mediocre steel quality

sweetcostarica: Hoonah has a large Tlingit community. It's a very nice place. You should move back if you can secure a job.

Croaking Toad: Alaska! I grew up in Hoonah. :)

sweetcostarica: That's true the BG Gerber Parang does not have the best handle. It's grip it secure but because of this it is harder to use the common two figure grip that should be used with working with a Parang.

vorapong pomsuk: BG material is good but handle should be something away from look cheap.

sweetcostarica: Neat information Alantris. I'll check the links on the Parang. Thanks again.

Alantris: Owh, and you might want to add keris into ur collection, a keris is not just a weapon, it symbolizes the owner as well. Not many "empu" left nowaday, pretty soon there will be no more keris maker. You can buy one, but having one custom made for you according to ur birth date and body measurement is the best to do.

Alantris: I don't have a video on parang, but here is one you can have a look at: /watch?v=w-y9IGKMd34 Since in the old days, parang is commonly available, they are also used as weapons and integrated into Silat, the native martial arts. The move using parang is usually in wide and simple chopping / slashing attacks and parrying, this is due to the design of the parang (thick and heavy) though in a proper "duel" a keris is used instead of parang.

sweetcostarica: Thanks Alantris! I never knew I was mispronouncing Parang. I hope one soon to visit Malaysia (& other Asian countries) to learn the proper intonations/pronunciations. Forgive my American (heavy with local dialect) accent on these unique to me words. I'm slightly embarrassed I don't know how to say some words even in English. I want to be more fluent. Anytime I make mistakes in my videos please help me again. Your positive words encourage. Thanks again. Oh, and please, please post a Parang video.
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