United Cutlery M48 And SOG Tactical Tomahawk Throwing

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EmptyThreats42: If you wanna see more action with these hawks (and tons of others) plz feel free to stop by my channel!

Twolf Nation: Glad i could help.

PhokMcGiggles: Aw ya dog thanks for the help! I was looking at both of these and this is the first video I've seen with these two hawks side by side!

KnightoftheLord1: Safe.

Twolf Nation: I like the M48 a little better, it throws more accurate and makes a better choice as a weapon.

Twolf Nation: your friend owes u a new hawk.

Dylan Pike: my friend threw it and it broke in three pieces

Twolf Nation: Im normally about 12ft from target. When you release the hawk don't flick it, just let it kind of glide out of your hand. Throw it hard enough so it sticks easy. Just keep practicing.

Ephesien612: How do you throw the m48 exactly ? the pike front of the target hum ? i got one but i throw very bad with it

Corvo Attano: pause at 1:00. Me: "HEY OLAF"

jtsburn: you are such a kitty.

Eldorado: ok

Twolf Nation: The SOG was razor! sharp out of the box. The m48 was a decent sharpness new.

Eldorado: which one came sharper out of the box?

Twolf Nation: Those people must be throwing it at concrete walls in order to bend the spike or brake the handle first throw.

Eldorado: I can't decide which one to get! :S i personally like the m48 best but people have said that the spike bends and that the handle broke within the first throws.

Twolf Nation: The M48 was my first tomahawk when starting to learn throwing. It's been thrown thousands of times and its never broken or cracked. Its a sweet hawk.

Eldorado: Ok. Does it break easily if you hit the end or something? cuz im new to throwing tomahawks

Twolf Nation: I like the M48 better. I feel it's more accurate when throwing. The spike end on it makes it a better choice as a weapon too.

Eldorado: which one is better in your opinion?
United Cutlery M48 and SOG Tactical Tomahawk Throwing 5 out of 5

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United Cutlery M48 and SOG Tactical Tomahawk Throwing