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make moonshine in a few easy steps.
make moonshine in a few easy steps.
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Mile Hi Distilling moonshine cartoon

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Richard uk: Hello every one. I was going to use a wok burner but. When you find out that popcorn sutton 300 gallon sill blows up landing him in load of trouble, I changed my mind and going to get electric hob.
Thanks for your channel helped me in my research.

Linda Muvic: Great video , Thanks.

Frozlix: Why is white vinegar? Can one use just 27% acetic acid instead?

mre521: Someone has probably said this but it is VERY dangerous to use an open flame for the heat as was used in this video. Ethanol vapour is VERY flammable and if the set-up ends up with any leaks you could have a kitchen fire or an explosion if the vapours build up. Even with ventilation it is unsafe to use a gas stove to do this. It's even worse than that because if you were to cause a house fire using this by accident then it would be likely you would be discovered illegally distilling alcohol (which I think should not be illegal, people just need to be smart about it) and charged according to whatever laws of the land are in place. I'm sure the fire department is more likely to report you for something like this than say, a neighbour seeing the set-up through a window so beware.

Ohio Trucker Mr. Wright: By the way i love all your videos..watched tgem several times.

Ohio Trucker Mr. Wright: I'm a total beginner so I'm trying the vodka like you suggested question is I'm using a half a gallon of vodka will I get a half a gallon of vodka back out or will there be a lot less how do I know when it's all gone out of my pot

Glenn Jaenisch: Get to the point!!!!! Jesus!!!!!!

shizzlefoot: You've created a monster (me). The first video I watched regarding home distillation was one of yours. So I built myself a simple 7 gal pot still. I made a few runs with great results including the rice and rum recipes. Then I started watching other videos, learning about BokaBobs and liquid management, cooling mgmt and vapor mgmt stills. So after scouring craigslist for 2" copper pipe and a stainless keg and several runs to bLowes, I now have a 2"x 48" reflux/vapor mgmt still with two condensers and a parrot. I'm starting to wonder if maybe there's a recovery program for obsessive home distillers. I sure hope so. Otherwise I'm screwed. Lol

Timothy Leary: your explanation is too long. though good its a little much.. just my opinion for your future videos.. thank you for the video

Darius Zeal: for a better yield you could try using a thumper canister and  a water cooled worm....with those you can hit proofs of 100+

Pablo shucone: How can you tell when the foreshots ends and the body starts

Halach Osiris León Casillas: I've already shared how to make your own easy still for your own hooch but for those who didn't catch it here it is again...A lot of pages have been taken down&replaced by less informative ones,,when it comes to brewing your own hooch(wines)that you need to distill into moonshine but go on Google&you'll find recipes there...I make my own tea&raisin wine but it'll take to long to sit&type out all instructions.....So find your own recipe...Personally my tea wine is again strong enough&doesn't really need distilled but if you enjoy a strong drink then here's how to make your own still...You can find plenty other methods on making stills on Google&YouTube.....

SpockMcoy Issmart: Can you make alcohol to burn, like in lamps?  I'm not interested in killing myself drinking poison, but would be interested in making fuel. thanks!

dakota jernell: If you cannot find one with a pressure relief valve, would you recommend drilling a hole in place of it, then buying a fitting for your worm?

Lucien Macrose: With the smell of that vinigar, nobody will even notice the smell of the shine cooking off! 

Drew b: Do u know what size the fitting was by chance? 

Lars Rasmussen: you talk way to much dude! I could have explained it better in 2 minutes!

Matt Taylor: Why did my whole run come out milky? Nothing that came out was clear

Tommy Mac: Might wanna be careful with that gas stove their bro, Alcohol fumes are flameable and could ignite

Darius Zeal: Dont ever make mooshine without knowing about throwing away the deadly part of the run,,,,,

During the distillation process methanol is concentrated at the start of the run because it has a lower boiling point than ethanol and water. The boiling point of methanol is approximately 148 degrees farenheit, which is quite a bit lower than ethanol (the good stuff). This means that methanol (148F boiling temp) will start to boil before the ethanol (174F boiling temp). This is why moonshiners always throw out the first bit of shine they produce from each run....

Drinking the Methanol can kill you.....or make you go blind....

If anything is produced by the still before temperature reaches 174 degrees, it's methanol. Discard it. Again, methanol boils at a lower temperature than ethanol and will concentrate at the beginning of distillation....

 How much initial product to discard:

1 gallon batch - discard the first 2/3 of a shot glass
5 gallon batch - discard the first 1/3 of a pint jar
10 gallon batch - discard the first 3/4 of a pint jar
Regardless of still temp, it's a good idea to always follow this rule of thumb. Methanol or not, the first stuff to come off the still tastes and smells like rubbing alcohol. It's by far the worst stuff in the entire run and it isn't going to impress anyone.
Easy Build Moonshine Still 5 out of 5

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Easy Build Moonshine Still