World Of Tanks || ST-I - Tank Review

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Skyhunter: Hey QB, could you please do a review on the IS-4?

Vlad_Smintina: Please tell me again why the IS line is better than the kv line?
Because of better mobility?
I don't think that's enough.

Jared Krieger: Quicky Baby! its already 2015.
If you can read this, it would be really appreciated if you do an Updated Review or more IS4 gameplay.

Thank you!

Sagara Sousuke: I think 45 degrees is too much to angle, maybe 30.

MrGunsnrosesfan100: anyone else thinks the ST-1 and E-75 are the 2 most similar tanks (from different nations?) in the game? I do...

DJ malandroned PT: i m just seeing this video to know the real st-1. Not the WT april fools :P

BigFatLoserDude: Those Non-Arty matches are more enjoyable even when losing

nicholas reeves: why do you call artillery scum bags?

Matteo Mazzarini: Instead of add tanks, WG should nerf this beast: great gun, astounding turret armour, reasonably mobility... this is just OP

HBITHOS: Is4 review plz

Pro Gamer: e75/sti??

Robrock125: Can you do an IS 4 review

MerryJerry: I'm at the KV-4 right now. The ST-I was the tank I was really looking forward to in this line, and so far the grind has been awesome. I absolutely loved my T-150 and KV-3, but after playing more mobile tanks like the IS for a while, I am slightly put off by the KV-4's lack of mobility.

One thing to mention, QB, is that if one wants to grind the ST-I and does not have 55k free xp immediately available when first playing the ST-I, they need to play the IS-3 and get the BL-9 from there. The ST-I uses the D-25T as its stock gun, wholly inadequate by Tier 9, and grinding out the 55,000 xp needed just for the BL-9 is an absolute pain, much worse than the pain it is to get it on the IS-3.

PulseCrisisMusic: 16:37 
While playing World of Tanks
"Oh my God there's loads of tanks..." 
-QuickyBaby 2013

The Yoker: For all the people that argue how to call it stfu please I is another name for 1 you twats. Settled the arguement?

that tea drinking top hat tipping British man: Its the ST-1, you know how I know? Because there was a different version of the ST-1, called the ST-2. So it MUST be the ST-1, cant have a 2 without a 1, just to settle an old debate

Rob Bleeker: Yeah,  found that out my self, the gun is everything but accurate... !!  

Rob Bleeker: Sounds like driving the MAUS or E-100  

martinjez1: I am still waiting for this tank on xbox 360... Hopefully they are gonna add is4 branch next month so I can go for it...

Audiotool uploader: all what i have to say is: in a game with tier 10 you die so fast with this tank
World of Tanks || ST-I - Tank Review 5 out of 5

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World of Tanks || ST-I - Tank Review