Tan Physics Review

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Tan Physics Review
Tan Physics Review
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Tan Physics Review - Pros & Cons
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Brittany Landreth: What is your favorite self tanner?

herdahorses: Soooo why are we paying $29 for this tanner again?

Theresa Baker: Thank you, I can't tan and someone told me about the product,  thank you for this advice it was very helpful in my decision!! :)

Wesley G: I just like looking and listening to her.  She could be reviewing anything.  

But seriously, I would check around online before ordering from there site. She does to a good review. I always had issues with hands getting stained, etc..I have not checked this product out, but I would much rather buy a 3 day supply or something smaller. That's quite expensive for a month supply. They SHOULD have a trial size.

Andrew Monda: Hey.. I'm a major distributor.. do you mind if I link this video to my listings?

martha patrone: looks nice on you.

Joan Lind: NOBODY tells you how to apply it! Thin,nick, rub in, don't rub in, shake the bottle, don't shake the bottle. Ridiculous.

Lisa Petillo: I HATE when online companies do that; make you type in your email address before you can even LOOK at their website!?@# IT'S so frustrating!  Thank you for the review!!!  I've always used Neutrogena and it always looks great and no problems whatsoever~

Alexander Burt: About how many applications per bottle can one get?

ManliestManlyMan: Did you wear gloves when applying?

Michael Snakfinger: You dont have to give your email. If you just click submit without filling in the email form it will  go to the price page.But the marketing is CRAZY . If you type in just about anything on tans. You get this massive Tan Physics hits in the results page OMG And they have spent tons of time and I imagine money on flooding the tanner reviews.

Sandy Lukowicz: Sandy
Tan Physics is fantastic!!!

Lashea Evans: Thank you for the honesty!! You answered most f my questions.

J Carter: She needs to learn to use a latex glove and very quickly get the back of hand and fingers, then do one side of body while hand dries, then put glove on other hand and do the rest. This is how you DO IT ladies!! Go buy a box of medical gloves. NO orange on hands at all. My dermatologist was blown away when I said I had self tanner on. It's flawless.

jackie Akers: Does this run if you get splashed at a pool?

Maren Kritz: you should do a video with your favorite, or top 3..and top darkest! :)

S Jones: I just ordered this. Hoping it works as well as you say. But I saw your review on the  Playboy Blitz AFTER I ordered the TanPhysics. :(  Does the TanPhysics have a shimmer to it after it dries? Does the Playboy Blitz have a shimmer?

Marilyn Hume: I like fakebake by flawless.

Matt Kelly Morton: Hey Guys, I use this product every week and I love it. The smell is gross but the tan I get is amazing. I apply Sunday and Thursday nights. By the weekend the color is awesome because it builds. That is what works for me. Thanks for the review!!!

Vanessa Falco: I'm using this product and Im pretty confused about it does is show result the first time I put some on? Or how does the process works with this product because I don't see any result!
Tan Physics Review 5 out of 5

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Tan Physics Review