Tips On How To Spot A Fake Cologne Fragrance Perfume Bottle

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Tips on how to spot a fake Cologne Fragrance Perfume bottle
Tips on how to spot a fake Cologne Fragrance Perfume bottle
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LaCulla Della Fenice: I get a Play intense travel box from a german site as to avoid fakes, but I think it's a fake anyway... my original Play intense sample lasts 24hrs, this one smells a lot like alcohol and lasts 3hrs max... how can I spot if it's a fake and ask refund to paypal?

Westley Castillo: I just got a Dolce N gabbana THe One how do I know if its real or fake ?

Sebastian Lambert: I never buy fragrances but I got a gift from someone the perfume left a blue stain mark so allways test before

Laron Mccall: Thanks this Review helped out a lot! 😊

Jeff Francis: I did end up purchasing a bottle online through eBay and I ended up getting a true fake. I did report the guy and he is no longer on ebay. After that, I vowed never again to buy colognes that claim to be " Authentic " since it wasn't. I knew after I received it that the scent wasn't there and didn't last as long as it claimed to be.

Tom Bryan: lets put the system on trail, bring down the man, ya know

Colden Haulfield: Are cologne/perfume testers for real? Are they really being sold to the public?

cloxx1: Mark, whatever happened to the reviewer Tim?

miguel alejo (savvy mojo): this review came in handy i bought a keneth cole black at perumania since people always nock them because of the discounts they usually have but mine has the codes on the bottle and it matches the box also so thx

Joy Amin: the serial numbers they can put fake as well right?

ASR: i bought ck one online

m not sure if its real or fake

how can i spot that

Houda Legsai: very helpful After I saw the video I checked all my perfumes

Hazazi Hazazi: Does redlaces app help to scan barcode ? I used to scan all my other colognes and I get the information but when I scan my Thierry mugler ultra zest doesn't show anything it only reads the numbers and no information and name of the product does that mean it's fake ?? Please help

BosoxnationI972: Fruit-tician? Is that anything like fruition?

Ramy salah: Sometimes helpless especially If u look for discontinue frag

Official Theodore: I have no idea why you have dislikes....your a decent reviewer.

PhoenixSolutions: Nice video, thanks for the advice. I ordered Armani Code 75ml for £35 on Flubit and it was probably a big mistake. Some of the counterfeits i've seen look identical so I wasn't going to take the risk... if you're paying that much on fragrance you may as well pay a little extra and get an authentic product. I think the fragrance companies should have an online tool that allows you to cross-reference serial codes on the bottles.

mzzzol: Some people says ebay is good for original perfumes some people says is not.
Im more confused.

Solomon Kahsai: Hey man, i recently smelled Fahrenheit Dior, it smelled not so real, the gasoline smell is not coming, the strange thing is that i tried it from a department store, 

Can you please make a video on how to identify fakes on this classic, 
Thanks man

SONICE69: Hey, just a question: that song by Nelly was outrageous at the beginning..... One of the strangest Nelly songs ever... But then again, many rappers often don't make sense 😎😎😎
Tips on how to spot a fake Cologne Fragrance Perfume bottle 5 out of 5

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Tips on how to spot a fake Cologne Fragrance Perfume bottle