Tablet Stuck On Android Introductory Screen

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MountainJew: mine volume button is on screen, so how can i...?

Jovan Delgado: When I turn on my funtab pro tablet I see loading star I wait for 2 hour anything just like that. Last Tuesday.

HaileyDoesStuff: Mine won't even leave the green Android screen

Paul moline: I have a proscan that was stuck like this and what worked for me was mentioned below except I had to hold power and volume down button and went to factory reset screen.

pabdragon14: mine wont turn on plz help zeki tablet tbdg874b

prometery: Clearing dalvik-cache on my KB 901 helped. Here is how to do it: - Make sure you have ADB installed on your computer - Connect your tablet to your computer through a usb. - Start your tablet and wait until it's stuck on "android" screen like in the video - Open command prompt and go to the folder where you have adb - Type "adb shell" to open the shell prompt into the device - Type "ls" to see all the folders in the root of the device. You should also see the "data" folder - Type "cd data" to navigate into the data folder. Type "ls" again to see all the folders and files in the data folder. You should see "dalvik-cache" among them. - Type "cd dalvik-cache". Type "ls" to ensure you're indeed in that folder (you should see many files named "system@app@..." - Type "rm *" to delete all files - Press Ctrl+C to leave shell prompt - Type "adb reboot" to reboot the table and it should boot normally. (All data will remain there - we're just clearing the cache).

vhinvino: someone can help me

vhinvino: dont work on my xpad xenon :(

Marin Montoya: Nvm it's working just took a while to start up 

Lisbel Vargas: My tablet is stuck on the acer screen and I do the hard reset but it swich to a dead android guy 

Rosie M: wat u can do to help wit this is hold the power button n the volume up button until it turns on n once its on u only hold the volume up button n this will take u to a screen where u can choose to factory reset it, u choose to reset it wit the volume buttons and press enter wit the power button n this will resort it to factory settings n should work like new ive dont it before so ik wat im talking about

Jeruva Rain: This is what i did based on some of comments that i read below: 1.- Connect your tablet and install the adb trough the device manager. 2.- Open the cmd.exe and use the command cd to locate your folder with the android tools. 3.- Type "adb reboot recovery", this will take you to the recovery screen. From this step, you'll need to press the volupe + until it shows the option of reset your tablet. Navigate using the volup up and down keys and enter will be the power button on some tablets. 4.- Reset the data in order to make your tablet in a factory state. 5.- After this option select reboot and wait.

Nick Biglad: i have a mapan MX923 tofix mine was power button for 5 secs and voume down. had USB cable connected and it picked up tabletnin some time of repair mode allowing me to re-flash the device if you need any mapan downloads let me know i can get them all

Marin Montoya: I have a nobis 9 tablet and it's stuck on the start up screen i tried to reset it to factory settings but I didn't work please help!

mostapha fankash: hey plez can any one help me my tab just like this issue mtouch m718 some time it works for 10 min then restart it self and stuck on the logo pleaz help me 

piggey pig: This append to me too

Michael Garcia: Hey guys I got a Nobi 9" dual core tablet PC" and the same thing happens to me how can I fix it? Help plz!! 

Thurman Dorsey: Great I hope this work

Simone Festuccia: we have found a lot of hints about resetting the tablet to factory default, but noone was courious about WHY the tablet got locked on the logo? (not only in this case, but in general)

Kanisha Tillman: Hey Guys, I have a Zeki 7 inch tablet with the Model number TBDG773B. I had the same problem. My tablet would get stuck on the android screen. I called the Zeki company and they gave me instructions on how to reset the Tablet. Step 1: Cut off the Tablet Step 2: Hold the VOLUME DOWN (- sign) and Power button AT THE SAME TIME Step 3: A blue screen should pop up. Using your volume button, highlight the one that says "wipe data/factor restore". Use the power button as the enter key Step 4: On the next screen, scroll down to select yes Step 5: Once the tablet is done wiping the data and setting the tablet back to factory mode, select "reboot system now" After that, your tablet should work fine

Darren Denver Alba: Hi Guys, i just want to share how i was able to Fix the stuck problem on my tablet Android 4.0.4 - Make sure you have ADB installed on your computer - Connect your tablet to your computer through a usb - Open command prompt and go to your - type : adb shell recovery (i type and enter it twice) And it booted up my TABLET!!!!...

Jake L: if the volume + power does not work you need to factory reboot your software has crashed. Android shouldn't even be released to any device. its got more bugs then windows 95. being sad I have yet to use jelly bean.

Brandon Bryan: Did you try to reset it with the reset button?

Albin Skender: Install ADB, it doesn't matter if Debug Manager is not enabled in your tablet. Just open a command prompt window in the platform-tools folder(It is created when you successfully install ADB) and use this line "adb reboot recovery" without the quotes. Then from there factory reset and voila!

dr3nx2: my problem is when I do the volume down + power button appears chinese characters how can I reset my tablet with this fu*king charactes?

lexa cruz: ihave the same problem in my tablet. i cant do the process because my tablet dont have volume botton :(

Kristi Havale: Ok, so I had the same problem and got it fixed! :D This is what I did: Entered ADB from my PC and then ADB SHELL. Then WIPE DATA Created a directory mkdir /data/dalvik-cache Then this code setprop 1 And the device got immediately up :D

Amarah bint Ansari: mine is the same problem ...but i dont want to formatt this tab because all my pictures and loads of memeries are there soo people any help for me????

Alex Frost: Solution for this problem is updating the tablet's firmware. I used PhoenixSuit and a firmware img file from the manufacturer's site.

Maungmyint Naing: Guys, i purchased a Xtouch tab from the web.Then, it's working good, now charging no working absolutely. But charger is working, Please , help me!

William Liggins: please help I got my tablet for Christmas and now its stuck on the android sigh I don't have a volume button cause its on the display thingy when turned on please help its a gotab9thanks

Jake Bravo: mine's stuck for 30 mins already...

Kavitha S: even mine

Dubcitylife24: No help at all. What's the whole point of this video. Same comments over and over. #MakesNoSense Someone should post a helpful comment ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ Best Comment Ever :-D

Harry Booker: I have turned Myne on twice and already it is freezing. A joke of a gadget by the sounds of it if it's doing that already 

Alan Nathaniel Garcia: ganyan din akin... kaya ipapacheck bukas sa binilhan... rebusquillo12: my polariod tablet stuck introductory screen , no volume at the side to reset please help :(( >:D<

Dubcitylife24: No help at all. What's the whole point of this video. Same comments over and over. #MakesNoSense Someone should post a helpful comment ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ Best Comment Ever :-D

135AMP531: to all with problems try XDA developers site, they have all the info and links on how to fix almost every android device. ive even been able to unlock phones with their help.

Liah Does Minecraft: 

Christopher bell: I have a nobis tablet And its stuck in boot loop can anyone help and the power and volume doesn't work on this device I already tried 

Dash vault: Can some post a a video on how to fix it I think that would help slot of people out

joseph stanley: I know how to fix it lil bihhh

Dani BvBArmy: Mine was stuck on the trio stealth 4.3 and gets stuck on the trio loading page, I stuck a needle in the tiny reset hole and it didn't work, I also turned it of and tried the power and volume buttan trick but it dosnt turn back on for that.

Josee Aguilar: Hi

Mr Gamers: the point of this video is that he is showing his tablet don't work can anyone help him

Jane Cizynski: thank you all of you for your helpful hints I bought this for my grandaughter and sound wasnt working and sent back.. just got a new one from the company and had already picked up one for her locally . so decided to keep for myself and it started to lock up ..I pressed down the on /off button and the vol. button high keeping it down for aleast 15 sec. a reset function came up went through it as i needed and works great ! I love it...Its easy to use and carry around .great for a grandma thanks again guys for all your info . 

Steven Calamita: uh anyone know how to get a polaroid android 4.0.4 PMID705 to get unstuck from boot animation it keeps goin on for ever and it driving me insane!

Danaroxy2012: What's the point of the video 

daysky1: the volume + power worked for me thanks
Tablet stuck on Android introductory screen 3 out of 5

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Tablet stuck on Android introductory screen