Tablet Stuck On Android Introductory Screen

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Harry Booker: I have turned Myne on twice and already it is freezing. A joke of a gadget by the sounds of it if it's doing that already 

Jake Bravo: mine's stuck for 30 mins already...

Mr Gamers: the point of this video is that he is showing his tablet don't work can anyone help him

tanya evans: I have the same problem I have done all the power n volume button pressing N still nothing is working :-/?? 

Darren Denver Alba: Hi Guys, i just want to share how i was able to Fix the stuck problem on my tablet Android 4.0.4 - Make sure you have ADB installed on your computer - Connect your tablet to your computer through a usb - Open command prompt and go to your - type : adb shell recovery (i type and enter it twice) And it booted up my TABLET!!!!...

Jane Cizynski: thank you all of you for your helpful hints I bought this for my grandaughter and sound wasnt working and sent back.. just got a new one from the company and had already picked up one for her locally . so decided to keep for myself and it started to lock up ..I pressed down the on /off button and the vol. button high keeping it down for aleast 15 sec. a reset function came up went through it as i needed and works great ! I love it...Its easy to use and carry around .great for a grandma thanks again guys for all your info . 

Liah Does Minecraft: 

Jake L: if the volume + power does not work you need to factory reboot your software has crashed. Android shouldn't even be released to any device. its got more bugs then windows 95. being sad I have yet to use jelly bean.

William Liggins: please help I got my tablet for Christmas and now its stuck on the android sigh I don't have a volume button cause its on the display thingy when turned on please help its a gotab9thanks

Danaroxy2012: What's the point of the video 

Steven Calamita: uh anyone know how to get a polaroid android 4.0.4 PMID705 to get unstuck from boot animation it keeps goin on for ever and it driving me insane!

Gas Siginal: wat a crap for me it is not working

Dash vault: Can some post a a video on how to fix it I think that would help slot of people out

Kanisha Tillman: Hey Guys, I have a Zeki 7 inch tablet with the Model number TBDG773B. I had the same problem. My tablet would get stuck on the android screen. I called the Zeki company and they gave me instructions on how to reset the Tablet. Step 1: Cut off the Tablet Step 2: Hold the VOLUME DOWN (- sign) and Power button AT THE SAME TIME Step 3: A blue screen should pop up. Using your volume button, highlight the one that says "wipe data/factor restore". Use the power button as the enter key Step 4: On the next screen, scroll down to select yes Step 5: Once the tablet is done wiping the data and setting the tablet back to factory mode, select "reboot system now" After that, your tablet should work fine

joseph stanley: I know how to fix it lil bihhh

jjasonchua: any other option other then holding the power button + the volume button........ i've tried all these option but the problem wasn't solving..... anyone have other option........ :(

jamie reggs: same pro please help

135AMP531: to all with problems try XDA developers site, they have all the info and links on how to fix almost every android device. ive even been able to unlock phones with their help.

Christopher bell: I have a nobis tablet And its stuck in boot loop can anyone help and the power and volume doesn't work on this device I already tried 

daysky1: the volume + power worked for me thanks

silvatavo S: i have a supersonic sc72mid matrix tablet its stuck on android introductory plez help me thanks...

Granitepaints: Pedro Diaz 6 days ago you need a keyboard my tablet does the same thing i just plug a keyboard and use the arrows to scroll Hi Pedro, its working thanks a lot for giving ideat to connect keyboard

Josie Coles: Same problem can someone tell me how to fix it plz!!

chandelier145: I have a onda tablet amd it has no volume key so how can i fox it please its got the same problem

didkooftw: the tablet turns off when i click the + button and power one -.-

keidanVSM: witch + button pls?? :D

Taneet hans: My tablet is next to me and after an hour it just says android

Tianna Small: r u going to show us how to fix it

Maverick Foong: most china tablet sucks. Nextime better buy tablet like Ainol,Onda, pipo. coz lot of support in forum and club. Try use Uberized or rom dump may help. Some of the china,tab they dont have recovery mode eg power and volume up

Bridgett Mayhew: Did anyone fix this problem? My tablet is stuck in the android mode also.... help.

Karla Reamon: but doesn't the factory reset deletes all your files....:( my pics and other media files are saved on my internal memory... :((( this always happened when i turn on my bluetooth....:( tablet is toshiba at200

Toby Dell: Just tried that vol down method on my 7" tab, didn't work, in fact after powering down it wouldn't power back up again, a combination of plugging in charger, power button and vol button started it up again, my conclusion is that with so many tablets out there all (more or less) made in china, sold by various concerns, however the retailer/wholesaler have configured them probably determines exactly how to reset etc,

nakomiah: And you did what to fix it?

Richard Curate: realy? u think 8 realy work? f u unplug the battery, u need to put a charger or u need to put back the terminal of a battery?

hitcan79: hey man I gotta say that your comment saved my tablet! crap I've been trying to fix it for weeks! thank you for taking the time man! at first it came up in chinese or something, I just did what you said a couple more times and it turned right on!

pcanada411: OMG.. I have the same problem... can't get pass the android after the man laying down....

nosexinside: Hi Could you try to open your tablet and unplug the battery connector or desolder " + " pin of the battery? For me it worked many times.

Ebraheem Aldakheel: same problem if anyone has solution please answer quickly because might have refund if cant fix

Marcela Levy: guys, I'm super happy, I've been struggling for 2 days, I have a generic allwinner a13 no buttons, just the power and volume buttons. when it got stock on the first robot display, I tried what some of you said here, I shut it off, then pressed volume up +power, then before I tried anything else I pressed volume up, down and power. held it for 15 secs and then tried to power it the usual way and it worked. Hope it helps

James Reyes: THis one dint work nether ^

samuel lowrie: Use the battery down and then use a charger and charge it and have u used a Htc charger it happens to me

Craig Cop: Hi. I purchased a new tablet on line and it did the same as the video after the first day. I've been around computers for many years and it took me a couple of hours to fix this problem. Forget switching it on and off, the fault is the system boot data has a bug in it and you will need to re-flash the unit. Go to google and search free down load PhoenixUSBPro ask the supplier to send you the USB drivers and instructions on how to re-flash the unit with the latest firmware.

bisboy4ever: FOR MODEL MID7010

collin harter: Just keep on holding the power button down if that doesn't work hold the reset button or hold down both

kk shanany: power it on and off . ur welcome

James Reyes: I tride it an i didnt work

Thatikonda Manideep: my tablet also stuck on the intro screen but actually it stuck on the green android screen which comes first than the android screen can anybody help me please!!!!!!!! my tablet is dragon touch 10' 16gb model:MID70404B please help

adalberto a: tengo una tablet china A13 la reinicie a valor de fabrica y creo que lo ise mal por que ahora al encenderla se queda pegada en la palabra android y no abre mas, he probado con los botones encendido y volúmenes + - y ambos ala ves y la pantalla ni enciende queda negra, alguien puede darme una ayuda por favor

Toby Dell: mine also did this, hold down power button and volume up at the same time should switch it off properly, I understand that if you hold power off for 10 secs it will turn off, then hold volume down and power on, should get you into proper 'off line' reset mode, then vol up or down to select function, and power to operate the selected mode

BraiDoesGaming: Just do a factory reset
Tablet stuck on Android introductory screen 2.8 out of 5

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Tablet stuck on Android introductory screen