Tablet Stuck On Android Introductory Screen

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Android tablet stuck on Android Logo Fix
Android tablet stuck on Android Logo Fix
if your Android Tablet stuck on boot screen . bypass it using this steps
if your Android Tablet stuck on boot screen . bypass it using this steps
Tablet stuck on Android introductory screen
Tablet stuck on Android introductory screen
Android Tablet stuck on boot screen ! Bypass it in easy steps.
Android Tablet stuck on boot screen ! Bypass it in easy steps.
Stuck Android Logo
Stuck Android Logo

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Omar Encarnacion1: hello guys, i have the problem a little bit different, i have a xtreme tablet generation 2, i turn it on and it stuck at the Xtreme Tablets screen, before the android screen, i try to hold down the power and volume buttons but nothing happens, before show me the screen of the factory menu, but now when i hold the buttons but not even turn on...any idea?

Clanmain Clan: It happend to me

Mona Alsada: I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and when I power it on it a had a virus...I took it to the store and they said they can't open it I tried factory resetting every day and it is still that way.. ;(

mahnoor ali: thank you

lol derpmaster: i have denver tac-90012 plz help me , i tried searching in three years video's but still stuck on ANDROID

TESTM NOKTI: get firmware

HartechZone TV: Dude it's just bricked. Fix it with odin.

IzzyPewPew: Happened to my phone after 4 years, the power button for it was busted, so I ripped my phone apart and ripped off the power button and it works.. granted I need a charger for it to turn on now but other than that, it has no use for me

Bayor King: My GoTab got stuck on logo,refused to boot up,I have tried factory reset many time but wont help either,any solution ?

Logan Simmons: So my lg escape 2 is stuck on the AT&T loading page and won't go an further so how do I fix it and yes I've tried the volume up button trick

Anthony Bishop: do these tips work for emulators and such? because i have an emulator on my laptop. Everything seems to be running and downloaded properly. It's just stuck on this booting screen. any help for that?

Pcandr Tutorials: Guys I got stuck a whole day like this on my Samsung galaxy and all you have to do is look up the name of device write firmware next to the device name and find a download link for the firmware and then down load Odin just search Odin download and then goe on phone and turn off after hold down volume button and power button then press up connect your phone to PC after put a check mark on the ap box than pick your firmware and press start....

Download the stuff from a PC!

Nikki Kerpics: That what happen to mine how do you fix it?

martin984: +Albin Skender any idea how to get it to detect the device? adb device - no device connected, therefore adb reboot recovery also does nothing.

Sai kumar: my tab is swipe it is stuck like seen in video so please help me

brianna bynes: I have nobis 9 that my mom ordered offline .so last monday i cut my nobis on it froze at my lockscreen i tried to cut it off it wouldnt go off so i reset it than my tablet was stuck on go screen help me that was a christmas present . And i reall need it i tried everything please help . O but that same night it was stuck on go screen i let it went dead while i was sleep when i woke up my tablet was so hot i couldunt touch it but it went dead so i charged it than it finally went past go screen . But it had reset . Than i tryed to dowload apps and it wouldnt download nothing the green bar was just rinning but it wasnt saying 1% or nun so when i cut it off and cut it back on it reset again it kept resetting so i tryed to factory reset it and it . Than when the thing finshe i clicked reboot system now but than it was stuck on go screen again help i prayed in all it still havent worked . Pleasse i been crying and on my knees praying please help please . :'( :(

AGWild: i only turn on and off, on and off, on and off...
it works after afew tries

Jovan Delgado: When I turn on my funtab pro tablet I see loading star I wait for 2 hour anything just like that. Last Tuesday.

pabdragon14: mine wont turn on plz help zeki tablet tbdg874b

Paul: I have a proscan that was stuck like this and what worked for me was mentioned below except I had to  hold power and volume down button and went to factory reset screen.
Tablet stuck on Android introductory screen 5 out of 5

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Tablet stuck on Android introductory screen