UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment

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UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment
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Radu Blaga: Nice set up I like me same of that haha 

Aina sofea suhaizee: Hi there. May I know the type of portable water pump for pumping water.

spiker84: I have one of these. Bought it because I didn't want to deal with mats. I have no doubt that it works great, but the learning how high to set the gates can be difficult, especially when you're on new ground.

michael therrien: You gave me an idea. Using glass as a slick plate.

jem mountainman: in CA its pans and hands only..free..sluices are ok,but cant take material thats not in water..can only take it from river and the high water mark...i think..i use shovel..

Pat Watters: You were the gentleman who was doing the demonstration at the Denver gold show, correct? I'm the fellow you cleaned up the fine gold I brought. Are you located in Colorado? If so, and should I order and underflow such as you have, would you be able to modify mine to do the water flow as your?

jcb337010: Very cool set-up-I'll be sure to check it out-Thanks and God bless!!

Eric Charters: Your wrinkle of using a baffle was also used by ancient miners, and its action is duplicated by using a rubber mat in a half circle as in an inner tube. It's use is common in AK and the Yukon. Your technique is primarily good for coarse gold. Any systems recovery of fine gold does not indicate at all its recovery percentage of fine gold. A common mistake is to assume that if the gold is found in the first 2 feet that that is all the gold coarse and fine that is there and the rest of the sluice

matthew mitchell: okay thanks

matthew mitchell: i was wondering if you could post a video showing what the sluice looks like with the slick plate turned round because i want to see if i could use it for a river sluice.. i think i might buy one. good luck

Eric Charters: Well that sounds like high reco 2 the moon alice, but what kind of throughput are we talking? And with his site there was some guy talking "it ain't gettin beach gold". So what could be be talkin? It may not work for him, but what pray tell is he doing wrong so to speak?. Could it be and I am suspecting a thing here, that his feed is lousy with black sand, & lots of fines and the device has trouble with even sized feed products possibly fed fast and furious?

marty mar: very interesting also where is the gold states and locations in usa or the world maps etc etc :)

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: I sent you a couple of messages to your inbox......thanks!!!

Jonathan Doney Songwriter: great vid, can you please make another showing how you plumbed it up? and how you runa the pump and water so it circulates?

Morley Brooks: I'm impressed - been panning since 1966 = This is cool

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: This is one of the finest pieces of mining equipment I have ever used. I have run many types of devices and set ups before discovering Grumpyprospector and UnderFlow Technologies. I will be posting some new videos soon showing the UnderFlow working on different types of material and showing you the clean gold it gets in the end. And comparing it to other types of sluices and set ups.

ColoradoPirateMiners: Wow that would be great to meet up, between my resturant full time job and making a non profit gold club well ive been swamped. So on sunday my group will be working a privite claim in blackhawk, we have a gold cube but my group would like to learn more about your outfit. Coloradopirateminers p.s. We will post video where and what we are doing.

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: No problem with the questions. Keep them coming if you have them. I start out with a 1/4 inch screen I put in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket. I cut some holes in the bottom and the screen is just pushed into it. I also use a metal mesh pencil holder I bought at walmart for 2 bucks. It takes my material down to 3/16 if I want. I run mostly 1/4 inch material through it and if I find lots of fines, I take it down to 3/16. You get clean fine Gold with the UnderFlow and no panning at the end.

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: Yes Mitchell, I will.I have a bunch of new videos coming with footage of me using the UnderFlow in real time so you can see how quick my mining process is and how fast you can get the gold from your material.It is by far and above the most versatile sluice because of the flip-over slick plate that allows for using the UnderFlow in a creek or river.There are also models that have inline classification systems that allow you to shovel right from your diggings into the sluice without screening 1st.

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: 1000 gphr pump is used on my box. I plumb off a line from the main line with a Y splitter and can control how much water goes in the box or in the return line. For that demo I think it was roughly 750-800 based on how much was running through the return hose. I've run clay rich material and all kinds of beach and river sands through my machine and use the same pieces of gold from my own horde. I count them and know how big they are. They always turn up in the first trap no matter what I run.

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: Done and done. I'll post a video of my haul soon. Thanks for watching!

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: No way for this sluice to rust or any of his other products for that matter. They are made of high quality aircraft grade aluminum. I have been using mine for a while now and it still looks great and makes piles of fine gold for me whenever I use it. Feel free to ask more questions if you have them. I'm happy to answer. Be sure to tell Mike that I sent you if you contact them and decide to purchase from them. You will not be disappointed in the results you get from this sluice system.

Pat Watters: went to the website and shop products tab as you said. To your knowledge does the mini sluice have an option to add a water system? I like the mini sluice as it shows it has Plexiglas on both sides. You had the sluice high banker? Is that a modification you added where the water supply comes into both sides? The flow gate before the underflow traps, is that an add-on with the water system only? I called the number on the site, but had to leave a message as no one answered.

Eric Charters: I am not saying the machine don't work if run slow. All those deals, blue bowls, work if slow. Sounds like a fair clean up machine. To get production get yourself a new Chinese Trash pump or old 296 GPM 8.5 hp Honda pump & make 8 inch riffle sluice + top hat 1"x1" 15 deg. backslant riffles, 2 inches space & Nomad 8100 carpet. Screen to 3/8ths and let er rip. Might add 8 feet of 15 inch wide 1.5 inch per ft & 4 lbs/sq ft xpand mtl over Nomad unbacked vinyl loop carpet 5/8" thick. Lotsa trix.

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: This is a variation of the New Zealand Boiler Box from back in the day. Yes, the idea is an old one and grumpyprospector has refined it. The magic is in control of the water running through the machine. The more control you have, the more fine gold you can capture in the traps. If you are loosing gold out the end of the box simply lower the water pressure until it doesn't happen anymore. I am always amazed at how tiny the gold this device captures is. Most of it in the first trap, too.

Abigail Lindsey: Hello, I'm concerned about the water-flow issue. I've read a couple comments where the water-flow can blow the gold out. What do you set the water-flow at to keep the gold in. Also, what kind of pump do you use if you are running dirty water?

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: An UnderFlow sluice set up like mine is about 400.00. There are many variations on the UnderFlow. Be sure to check out the products page of his website.......grumpyprospector do t com.

Eric Charters: I can give you reasons why widely disparate feed products are better for gravity devices. It's in the book, (Taggart) that gravity recovery devices get higher recovery when fed a range of sizes, as the separation between particles is greater & there is more free space to settle the target sizes. Compaction and entrainment occurs when feed is are sized closely. It's easier to pan coarse than 2 pan fine sand. Don't screen material fine when panning or sluicing. - 8 mesh or greater is best

Abigail Lindsey: how much does your sluice weigh. Is it real heavy?

ColoradoPirateMiners: X grumpy Prospector, thanks for the meet and greet and the coloradopirateminers are stoked to have you at our first club meeting tomorrow night. Thanks kris

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: The water flow can flush out the traps just like too much water will wash out any sluice box. I use a 1000 gallon per hour pump that is dialed down to about 750-800 gallons per hour by a simple "y" valve that splits the water flow between the sluice and a return hose. I use the same pump setup for all my runs of material.......the muddy water changes the fluid density a little so I may dial the water pressure down a little more depending upon conditions. 3/16 screened material works great!!!

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: The UnderFlow has surpassed all my expectations. I have nothing but fine flour gold where I'm mining. I do zero panning when I clean up. It is like a license to steal from mother nature without doing all the work in the end. It works just like on the videos. All you have to do is get the material screened down to an appropriate size and adjust the water flow down to where you can still kick out the blonde and black sands but retain all the gold. It is really just that simple.

alioune mbodj: Dear i want to buy this sluice box as we use mercury and not lot pollution , could you send me the contact of the seller or his website? ali

Alan Thompson: Hows it going, are you still dealing craps? Have you found enough gold to quit your dayjob.Thanks for the video it was very informative. Also do you have more craps videos in the future.

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: You can get one just like mine at grumpyprospector d o T c0m

Abigail Lindsey: Hello again, I was wondering about flour gold. Does that sluice prevent flour gold from exiting and how low a water gph do you have to have it at to prevent flour gold from exiting?

Colorado Walkabout: I do like the drop trap design and the plexiglass side is too cool. thanks for sharing the product update.

XGrumpyProspector: Let me know if you want to see it in person. We are in Colorado Springs. Glad to show it to you. Thanks for watching my videos!!

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: Yes Sir!!! That is what I said when I first saw the thing. I had to make a video of it and show everybody.This way of sluicing is going to change both placer mining and hard rock mining around the world.I have become such a proficient miner and get all the fines in just one pass.No more panning either. I'm a real good hand with a pan but this beats sitting around tubs all day long. You get to see more with less effort. Thanks for commenting and be sure to check out grumpyprospector d(0)t c 0 m.

mrobservations: yours looks slightly different than the models shown on grumpy's website. what model did you get, and what modifications did you ask for .... please?

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: This is the recirculation high-banker from grumpyprospector. There are many different sizes and set ups for the UnderFlow. This one has a 12 volt 1000 gallon per hour bilge pump for a boat to pump the water. I have it split by a "y" valve before going to the sluice box so I can run the pump at full capacity but still have full control of the water in the sluice. This thing works so good it is scary. Everybody who sees this thing wants one and rightly so.

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: I want to thank everybody for all the great questions regarding the UnderFlow Sluice from grumpyprospector. The UnderFlow Sluice is changing the way people mine Gold around the world. Be sure to order one before the pricing goes up on these units. Also be sure to tell them that John's YouTube videos brought you to them. Thanks for your time and for watching my videos!!!!!

YouStupidBunny: I've been considering this design for my garage. Which size sluice is that and could you give a few details about your pump setup?

Eric Charters: haitch tee tee pee colon forward slash forwar slash books.google.ca/books?id=VucxAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA867&lpg=PA867&dq=undercurrent+sluice&source=bl&ots=STXrnagKKK&sig=m-qC_kp_oWvq1IKjZr2kKYoGTXk&hl=en&sa=X&ei=QQyXUaPMMJKTqwHc8YDgBw&ved=0CD4Q6AEwAjgK#v=onepage&q=undercurrent%20sluice&f=false Don't mean to dismay you, but the fundamental principles were invented 100 years ago. If you can't follow the link just google "Undercurrent sluice Gold: Its Occurrence and Extraction" By A.G. Lock

matthew mitchell: if you can .maybe you can post a video that show you testing how good the sluice is please

Eric Charters: A big deal was a 16 Hp gas motor. Probably 105 foot lbs torque & 800 rpm, but 16 HP still. Those engines & 6,000 rpm 15 ft lbs jobs today are different. If you had real work, slow speed is always better. High torque is less likely to stall even in multi cylinder 4 stroke. Boiler boxes - they all had slow down baffles in them, which preserved heavies. Buckminster Prescott's transverse semi circles are the shape. Omitted the baffles. Others had short baffles in above V shaped undercurrents.

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: It really depends upon several factors. You have to play with the machine to fine tune it to your conditions and your material you run. Your water will have a different fluid density than mine with different types of clay and sands. I test my machine by putting a known number of flakes at different sizes and shapes in and see what sticks in the traps. You will be amazed at how small of Gold can be captured at 1000gph. I have my machine fine tuned to give me excellent results every time.

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: I've got just over 2 ounces of very fine flour gold to date from my spot and there is more to be had. Down to 325 mesh with the UnderFlow.......no problem. I ran my material 2 times and re screened down to 3/16 for my final run. I panned through the bucket and found zero gold in it which shows how good the UnderFlow works. You can prospect on any BLM land that doesn't already have a claim on it.

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: If you contact the guys that make the UnderFlow, be sure to tell them I sent you. Thanks!!!!

LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS: Gold is everywhere. You need to have the right concentration and the right equipment to retrieve it. Grumpyprospector d o t com is where to go to get the best piece of mining equipment made today. Good luck to you in your mining and thanks for commenting on my video.
UnderFlow Sluice Box Gold Mining Equipment 4.7 out of 5

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