How To Remove Toyota Yaris Head Unit CD Player

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How To Remove Toyota Yaris Head Unit CD Player
How To Remove Toyota Yaris Head Unit CD Player
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Duel MasterBlaze: I've fit my stereo in, the cd, usb, aux and Bluetooth work. I'm just wondering what about the actual radio channels by themselves? How do you get them to work?

Mr. Wolf: Do you know what size the headunits/stereo has to be?

Ricardo Muczaczos: Ty chuju

Carlos armario scfc: missed out quite a lot!!!

i shahid: good job. well done

Ahmed Tanvir: what's the third plugs for? if I put a new cd stereo do I need that 3rd plug in as I couldn't find where I cud put, I just using harness cable

Ricardo Amaral: Techtunner can you answer one question? I want to put back the factory radio from my 2000 yaris, I will buy o used one from another car, when I install it do I have to put any pin code? Or just need to plug in ?

Saidul Alam: anyway to put a USB player on this car ?

Sayhim Ali: big massive mistake following this video, cut my fingers in different places got them trapped doing the above, nearly broke the cage with all the force used, bent much of the fitting which had to be straightened out later, there are screws everywhere any screws you see unscrew first !!

Vytas Stys: top facia has two more screw , as well the lower facia and stereo frame is whell . Do not do as shown in this clip - you can broken your car facias and other !!!

biggezza59: cool

2QUICK: My toyota echo is very similar. I pulled all the dash parts apart, then the screws holding stereo in, but the plastic housing is still attached to the head unit and I can't see any way to get it off. No screws anywhere and I don't know what is holding the unit inside the plastic housing. HELP

louigi600: Damm it: you forgot to mention that there are 2 retention screws under the knobs and that there are also 2 retention screws on the radio head .... I broke stuff because you forgot to mention

Nathan Morris: Dear video recording chap. There are 4.8 million screws we had to take out when doing a friends Yaris that weren't mentioned. I feel this should be included in your walkthrough for future references.

Good day

sunshine blue: the question is how to put a new autoradio cauz no one want to use the old one from toyota

Mohammed Girach: Can you add an aux cable from the back of the standard cd stereo or do you have to put a new stereo in with an aux fitting?

Aforembs: Ok. Just a quick comment Guys!

In general the video is not that bad... But for the future if you are advising someone how to remove something from his or her car you should be more precise...

- 1-st of all the upper panel which contains the factory radio is ATTACHED! to the dashboard by two screws located behind the two knobs - the fan direction flow knob (first on the left hand side) and hot - cold regulator knob (first one from the right hand side). There may be also additional screw located on the left hand side of the dash on the top of left oval storage on the passenger side (the one without any covers). Without removing those screws you won't be able to lift the panel up. And if you force it you will probably brake it!!! SO WELL DONE for showing it and telling about it on your video!!! :-( :-( :-( - 2-nd thing the lower panel is also hold by 4! SCREWS! Two on the top of original factory made radio (only visible when the upper panel is removed) and another two or sometimes 1 behind the existing ashtray (you have to remove the ashtray to be able to unscrew them). Fail to do so may result in additional panel/console damages!

All the screws and attachments are made to prevent the dashboard from unwanted noise like cracking or squeaking when driving. So ATTACHING THEM BACK ONLY WITHOUT THE SCREWS (LIKE SHOWED ON YOUR VIDEO)! Will result that the whole dash will make a lot of unwanted noises. And also some of the buttons may not work properly.

So please correct the mistakes in your video and be more precise in the future ones!

You have to remember that the material you are posting on the web is not for a mechanic (he already knows how to do it or has the factory manual/training), but for a "normal" guy who is just willing to prove himself and save some money on a simple job like that.

Thank You 

Chris Cerra: +TechTuners I have a 2001 Yaris, and I'm pretty keen to use my ipod or phone to play music, I noticed you've used a phono lead, but also noticed its plugged into your aftermarket system, can you remember if the stock system had phono-in or not? Only I don't fancy taking my dash apart only to be disappointed... be great if you could let me know :) 


George Ward: hi would this be the same for a yaris with a cassette player ? it has the tray but we want to put a cd player in 

AwM2k12: I don't kno how to clerk of the sound works plz help ps what mode and stuff do u putt it in
How To Remove Toyota Yaris Head Unit CD Player 5 out of 5

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How To Remove Toyota Yaris Head Unit CD Player