#TeamThrift- New Thrift Store Haul.

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supersweetsong: The makeup is ON! Beautiful!

ahsiek1118: Thanks

ahsiek1118: Thank You

ahsiek1118: Thanks Girl

ahsiek1118: 1065 Broadway brooklyn ny

ahsiek1118: Thanks Girl

LYLMAMA2FLYY: love the haul and i love h81 is a forever 21 brand =)

ahsiek1118: lol HOLLA!

ahsiek1118: Don't Know

N. Jolie: I love H81 is a forever21 brand :) sn: The lack of booty needs pockets comment* (completely feel u on that one haha)

llittle84: Loved this!!!! seriously who was the ONE person that disliked it...c'mon son I love Ahsiek's style #bomb

ahsiek1118: I'm Ready Girl

Rae Varner: Pretty girl stealing clothes?!?! Lol at crossing out the name brand!!!!

Evie de la Vara: wow, you found the most amazing stuff

lashye79: there is zara studio, collection then trf ...... priced from highest to lowest trf being at the lower end but still fierce not sure what it means maybe someone across the water knows

ahsiek1118: lol Thanks Girl

shanece64: You always find the best items I call that having a good eye...

tayta2: Wew!!! Finally a thrifting haul. We subbies love your hauls because you love your hauls. You energy is awesome.

iDeany: H81 is a forever 21 line

ariel11ism: That shirt with the yellow n pink in blue belly shirt wit the zipper is hotttttttt that's my fav.

ahsiek1118: Thanks For Watching

Sexyshelly84: I need to try this store

ahsiek1118: Don't Worry I'll Let You Know..:)

Badgurlbeauty: i think that thrift store is near my house.

enibaby4: nice haul hun.. really enjoyed it love the levis denim shorts

ahsiek1118: Awww Thank You So Much..:)

ahsiek1118: Thanks

ahsiek1118: Thanks

JustRenee: Those items are all my style love love em! N u look beautiful love the yellow earrings n stripe top

ahsiek1118: Thank You..:)

Badgurlbeauty: that floral print skirt with the denim pocket is cute.

ahsiek1118: Thanks Girl

kemoja: The I Love H81 is the Heritage 1981 line from Forever 21. Nice haul!

SJANELJ: I love ROMPERS and JUMP suits. and shirt dresses. I have like 25 romper/jumpsuits in my closet. lol also love the blazer withthe brass buttons


ahsiek1118: 1065 Broadway brooklyn ny

Alicia Raquel: Those twist are very flattering on you!

ahsiek1118: Thank You

Zen :): what thrift stores do you shop at?

ahsiek1118: Yes It's Awesome Thanks For Watching Girl

LocsofLove82: hey girl keep bringing ur thrift hauls :), h81 online its with forever21 keep the hauls coming

Sister Dee: lovely thrift:) do you usually wear racer back bras under yoru racer tops, or go braless:) or strapless or are you one of those ladies that don't mind if your bra strap is showing:) thick or skinny strap:):) haula ps

chrissyabeauty: u got some nice things girl

Brownssugar2550: hey how u ben nyc ,love ur haul allways in the music please stop by my channel in subscribed

Udeme Salter: The cute H81 skirt is from Forever 21's Heritage 81 line :-)

ahsiek1118: Thanks Girl

tasbrat: Love ur finds as usual.....I am definitely one of ur subbies who LOVES ur hauls. HOLLA

ahsiek1118: racer back and strapless

ahsiek1118: Thanks

SWEETGA BROWNIN: i love your findings
#TeamThrift- New Thrift Store Haul. 4.9 out of 5

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#TeamThrift- New Thrift Store Haul.