Replacing Head Gaskets On A Ford Taurus 3.0L V6 OHV Engine. With Time Lapse.

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Austin Wood: So let me get this straight- instead of buying a set of 30 dollar shocks for the hood, you instead decided that it would be a smarter idea to remove the hood and put it back on, then using a piece of wood as a prop. Why?

Linkjoy123: Those head gaskets look so... beautiful.

Paul Gadoury: Given the fact that there is gunk all over the interior of the motor wouldn't you want to clean or replace your oil pick up in the oil pan to make sure it is not all clogged up and allowing proper oil getting to the top of the motor?

MrJames6674: i noticed that you had mentioned that concrete and car batteries don't mix your right on older batteries but the battery companies did correct that problem, the isulation on the bottom wasn't as good back in the day compared to modern day batteries .........

ManicMechanic007: Good presentation, I'm glad to hear it is still running fine.

El Seco: BTW, every time you disconnect the fuel system, after re-connecting it you gotta turn the key (without starting the car) a few times so that you can get enough fuel pressure to start the vehicle. 

TheMadhatter2561: I had a 99 Taurus with the same problem - cylinder 1 keeps misfiring. Coolant would get dark brown but oil would still be good. Turned out to be a cracked headgasket AND warped head. Ended up selling for dirt cheap as-is to someone who just put head gasket sealer (that junk you buy) and car has been running fine ever since... very rare, but at least they got a car that runs "ok".

MrRadio1610: TORX BIT/ T-45

El Seco: Great video! Thank you :)

Michael Harder: I enjoyed watching your video. Very informative. I have a 2002 Taurus. Hope I don't have to do this project in the future but if I do your video will help a lot. Thanks in advance.

Liistro777: Once you saw how bad the coolant passages were you should have just stopped, that engine either needs a rebuild or replace.

SOULREAVER: Good job mate. . u r good. I wish if I had chance worked together with you to fix my Ford Taurus 2000 Gasket .. 

Powertripp Productions: beautiful video man! A lot of good info, your a great asset to the youtube community! I gotta say, I was terrified of ever blowing a head gasket until I seen this. It really does seem all too easy! Consider yourself not only helping me, but helping tons of others in the future! Thanks!!

Schäfer G.: Hey guys my car (plymouth '99 Breeze) shakes a lot and also when i press on the gas it kinda ticks. Not sure whats wrong can anyone help??

Steve Osman: you are a very patient man Russ, If I have undertaken this project, you would have seen wires, cables, and tools being thrown around in anger and frustration. Good job, this is amazing- Steve

Fred Tambunan: Great job! Way to stay dedicated. My Mazda V6 has 217k miles on it and looks like it needs a head gasket. Hope I can change it someday, cause that car has been through thick and thin with me.

Lauren Houck: I had a 94 taurus with the same 3.0 engine. 255,000 miles, never had an engine rebuild or head gasket job. It's starting to run rough a little and lose some gas mileage, but I also didn't expect the engine to last this long. Awesome car! Probably one of the most dependable cars I've ever owned. Bullet-proof engine!

Alexander Albino: Dude I have the same exact problem on my 99 taurus ! This video is amazing ! I have coolant leaking into one of my cylinders and I have to change the head gasket on cylinder 1 also! It's amazing because it's the same exact engine! This will help out tonsssssss thanks for posting this.

Sam Porter: It's a ford what else do you expect

Mitch Grooms: how do you stay so calm?

Rob Saf: Good job Man i like it...

George Ballard: Great video !! 2 Thumbs UP !! I have a quick question: I have 2006 Ford Taurus 3.0. For that year they come with two 3.0 engines. How to find out which engine I have? Some sources say "U" or "2" in the VIN number, but my VIN starts with 1, and I have "U" and "2" in the VIN number. Thanks in advance!

jerry ceasar: Hay bro ok I got a 2001 ford taurus lx man and the water mixed with the oil so im going to pull apart the head and change them out man my car only has 67,000 miles im so glade you posted this video big ups bro thanks 

Dan Vw: This was quite helpful (yes there's haters who critique your verbiage or the things you don't fix etc but it's better to be apart of the solution rather than part of the problem). Yes this is the "U" engine, the dual overhead cam "S" engine valve covers will look completely different, there is no way to confuse them. Removing the hood helps a lot of guys who are taller, and obviously it made filming easier! It isn't mentioned so in case anyone does tackle this, when you remove the push rods and rockers, it's VERY important to keep track and put them back exactly the way they came out (in the same place and orientation) or you could have trouble. The noise when the car was restarted was the lifters needing to pump up again, it's normal. If a person cleans any of those rubbing surfaces off it's good to use some lube to protect them until oil pressure builds up again. It's also quite common for the heater cores to completely plug from that sludge and the plastic impeller fins on the water pump to disintegrate, I'd check if you are going to all this trouble and don't know if they are good or not. 

David Donaldson: I have a 2000 Taurus that needs a head job , it has a 6 cyl flex fuel engine ,, please tell me its almost the same?

meldon100: this was a beautiful video. i felt like i was working with you. thanks for your time. 

James Hughes: Torx bit T-50 not T-45

Michael Thompson: Good job Russ. I have to say though, since you had the heads off its very easy to pull the valves, and have the head tanked, and check for flat and resurfaced if necessary. Then reseat the valves if they are ok, and check the guides. If ok, then new valve seals and you're good to go, for very little money. 

Kevin uel: Good job Dude !

piter pan: De pelos

David Strand: Helluva video dude!!! Don't know how u did a video without a cuss word haha helped my butt out on my 99 tori! Best helpful video for this job period...only thing...torque the rocker arms with the pistons probably did it though but was in the time lapse...and I left 1 vacuum line off myself lol wiring harness was the most pain for me...she's runnin like a kitten now...again thanks for ur dedication with the video...don't understand the thumbs down but eff em!!

Jaime e Restrepo: I have to said that you have so much patients on it and i have to thank you. i have the same problem i will put my self to fix my car we i get the chance. Di you know that your engine its the same as the Windstar 98. Again thank you for let me have a good idea on what i have to do on my.

Chas onay: Hi Russ! I Own A 2004 Ford Taurus SE. I think my engine 3.0 V6 DOHC, correct me if i'm wrong. The miles on my car is at 260,000k still runs good engine, transmission and all. i bought a new manifold intake last year and had it put on including a new Catalytic Converter. Last week, my car overheated and i end up blowing a Head Gasket due to a leakage somewhere My mechanic told me it could have been from the heater hose) I've gotten news from my mechanic saying i cracked the the head gasket and need a new head (it was broken as well) $450.00 in labor and $367.00 in parts (Head Gasket, Head, motor oil. antifreeze). My question is: when replacing the head gasket and new head, are you suppose to replace the water pump as well (even though there isn't anything wring with it far as it?) I just want to make sure everything is in great shape before i get back on the road to and from work and don't want to have to come back in for the same problem, can afford to miss anymore days at work. 

Brent Verrier: I am about to do this on my 98 Taurus. Any tips for me?

jesus626198300: The person holding the camera need to learn to point the camera in the direction you are explaining.

snaxx05: great video now its time to do mine

kbeezyification: video got alittle ruff when you let the wifey hold the camera , but other then that , great job bro, GOOD VIDEO!!! , I hate when people leave things out but you showed pretty much everything D.I,Y.S POWER

Travis Miller: dam that manifold around 50 minutes is a joke that really was a problem during casting 

mikemike1225: Hey bud. Great video !!! I got a lil question. About how long did it take to fix ??? Im gonna replace one in a 2000 ford taurus. 

Gandoff2000: Very good video. I hope I never have to do that though. I have a 1998 ford Taurus. I planed to keep it about two years. I had a low mileage used transmission put in it and I'm still driving it 7 years later. Gotta get those three kids through college. 

TheIndustrialArtist: I worked on my '93 Aerostar head gasket job and found your great video! Mine has a earlier 3.0 model but much the same work.I think you did a fantastic job at showing how anyone can approach doing tough jobs like this and save money and know that the work is all done right. Very helpful, Thanks.

Daniel Andrade: The tutorial motivated me to do the head gaskets on my Pontiac Grand Am. It took me three days to complete the job, but saved a great deal money. Thanks for posting the repair.

Tammie Dessa: All these engines, the Vulcan U were all cast iron, only the Duratec was aluminum, nice job, hope I never have to do mine, It might be cheaper and easier to get a used engine though.

Spiralsky55: I have watched this video several times. About to do a head gasket job. I am going to use this video along with my manuals as my guide. Thank you very much.

rwg42985: You will see water "bubbling" up on the plug. If its enough to see it. Just like I show near the beginning of this video. ~Russ

stratoleft: Before writing it off, back to the fact that compression is everything and if you can get that right, then the other stuff can be fixed.

Cuba Rodriguez: never use sealant on head gaskets or intake gaskets or exhaust gaskets....they are made to be set dry and on clean surfaces

Gage Gillings: Great video. Did you need to dead center the flywheel before removing the distributor coil or replacing anything?

Luis Baez: With hydraulic lifter is not ajustment need it to that engine good head gasket work
Replacing Head Gaskets On A Ford Taurus 3.0L V6 OHV Engine. With Time Lapse. 4.7 out of 5

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Replacing Head Gaskets On A Ford Taurus 3.0L V6 OHV Engine. With Time Lapse.