Prebuilt Homes -Off Grid Cabin - Tiny House - Options You Can Afford For 10k

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DAD 527: no phone number to place?

anthony nino: could a person use the buildable bamboo to make a tiny home like this and what about the plumbing and running water? how could one intergrate that into this type of home? i know a type of bamboo that last longer then wood, stronger then wood and cheaper then wood also would repeal termites

Jim Marcum: cute little porch but with space at a premium in that house I would want everything with a roof over it to have walls and be livable.  always set under a tree if it's absolutely necessary.

Ronald Farmer: Really love mine its 12 by 40 and been insulating it and electrical

getmoney first: 10 grand and no chimney?

AutumnWindsFarm: Can you put this on a trailer frame. The widest frame I have found so far is 13 ft wide (old mobile home trailer)? Thank you for the video!

Lois Barrett: In Southern ILL are these available at $10,000?

Doe Campbell: I absolutely love this 14x40 cabin!!! Where is a place where I can buy one of these in the London, KY area or Enon, Ohio area??. Can we have it constructed on our property? I love this model, but I would like to put this over a basement (tornado alley) and I'd also like a full second floor for a stand up second bedroom bath with a walk out porch from the upstairs.
Also, if I wanted this to be turn key can you all be hired for that type of a build (I'm a handicapped Army Vet lady, who's had her neck broken and is currently fighting AML Leukemia)? I'll be living alone, but I want a second bedroom down stairs for visitors. the upstairs would be the master suite, and if possible....I'd love to have my kitchen in that " bay area" just inside the front door. Wall cabinets between the windows!! Stunning!!!
I have it all planned out in my head, I know what I want and where I want it so if I could get a couple guys ( I can help too, I use to work prefab and stick build) to custom build it... that's about all We'd have to have. I figure four months tops We'd have it finished off to where I could be in it (and could finish off the more cosmetic parts of the build myself)!!

Please provide me with where I can get more info on this cabin and possibly a phone number to speak with someone about this. 👍

Thanks for your time!!!
Happy Easter!!! 🐇🐥🐣🐤🐇

Doe Campbell

kal m: Any apartment,home,anyplace looks big with nothing in it.Especially with no cabinets ,sink,toilet..nothing in it.Once those things in space gets aweful small.

Shane White/skunk: wut bout tornados lol

robert c: I sell these everyday. Termites wouldn't get past the treated floor joist and the skids under these things are treated to and rated for like 50 to 60 years . You can also get treated floors in these or tounge and groove floor . The siding is T1-11 also and its treated also . So no worrys about the termites.

hanwenzero: nothing about this makes it off the grid. no insulation whatsoever. no power, no bath, no stove. a LOT of work would have to go in to make it off the grid meaning a lot more money. insulation and stove are easy to add, but a toilet with a septic system would be another 10k right there... unless you dig a hole and yeah. power would cost another 1 to 2k :(

Joey Duroher: lofts are absolutely gorgeous I'd like to have at least 2 cabins both lakeside and absolutely p
no power with a ton of fire wood 😁😁😁😁😁

Ronald Farmer: I bought a 12 by 40 waiting for it to be delivered

Karia Wilson: I would love to live in one of those.

Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster: Where can I find one of these? Can someone leave a link or something please!

Caroline Rogers: A lot of folks are guessing and guestimating answers here. The company in the video is or Weatherking.US Just type in your zip code for distributor near you. Often times they have repo buildings at 10-15% discount. Derksen has a lifetime limited manufacture warranty against termites and fungal decay. Yes, it is true a person can build for less, IF one has the time, skills, motivation, truck, tools etc... With a Derksen you can make design changes, add extra doors or windows for example. Yes, it would cost for you to insulate, plumbing, electrical. However, it is possible to do so ...just have to do the math , first. Don't guess. Yes, the financing adds up, doesn't it always. It is an option for someone in a pinch, no credit check, no pay off early penalties. Yes, you are not supposed to alter the building IF you use their rent to own many people screw things up, reducing the value, if they do not pay it off. Use your credit card or get other financing. Also, as far as someone guessed about the width and length restrictions, it depends on where you live. In NM, our limit was 12'x32'. In Arkansas our limit is 16'x40', as long as there are no community , neighborhood or land restrictions. If you are in NW Arkansas , look me up on fb, Berryville Portable Buildings.

Angie Wilson: 10K - and nothing else - no land, no plumbing or electric, etc. - this could add up really fast.  I wish it were as simple as it sounds.  I think someone could build something like this for about 1/2 or 1/3 of 10K.  Sorry

rodney star: can you please contact me 1-869-668-6391 or facebook name is ....person nice
prebuilt homes -Off grid cabin - tiny house - options you can afford for 10k 5 out of 5

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prebuilt homes -Off grid cabin - tiny house - options you can afford for 10k