Prebuilt Homes -Off Grid Cabin - Tiny House - Options You Can Afford For 10k

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Modular Home from Start to Finish
prebuilt homes -Off grid cabin - tiny house - options you can afford for 10k
prebuilt homes -Off grid cabin - tiny house - options you can afford for 10k
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AR AD: How long will it last till it falls apart?

Margaret Underwood: I've just built a 6 x 9 shed for storing old stuff in the house with this shed plan  [ Check Details Here⇒> ] . Ryan has what it takes for you to design the best sheds you can dream of. Thank you so much Ryan!

Carter Quillen: I noticed a few others made the same comment that was on my mind. Essentially, $10K just gets you started. By coincidence we are right now in the planning stage of doing this with pretty much the exact same building only we are looking at a 16x40 for about 12K. My fairly detailed cost estimate for the build out comes in at around $30K additional cost to finish it out. That does include site work, covered porches, a solar microgrid and rain catchment system but that's pretty much just the cost of materials with us doing 90% of the labor. We plan to hire a sheet rock contractor for that part but that's about it. So finished cost comes in around $60/sqft. This is pretty good for what we'll have in the end but hardly $10K. As for the building code nay sayers, where we're at in sticks of Tennessee it won't be a problem as with many rural areas but there are a lot of places it certainly wouldn't fly. Those Old Hickory building from the Mennonites are very well constructed and a pretty good deal. You can hardly build it yourself for that, I estimated about $7500 just for the material.

Wendy Capitano: Ok M come and build me one ok

Jimmy Maldonado: si me gusta esta tiny home.

voy comprar una de esta en florida ...yes iam in love with this tiny home i cant wait to buy one beutifull stile

Angelica Speakman: Put a window in each end of the loft and get air flow and a view as well so the lofts would be sleeping areas.

Marge Margie: I appreciate the information and some visual but please when you are videotaping, go much slower and try to keep the camera steady, makes for a much more enjoyable video.

Oscar Lechuga: Sir, the problem (huge expense) is buying the property itself. Wait until you tell your wife that she is going to live in an unfurnished henhouse!

ERIC TURNER: Could u link website about this house for me?

Therese Crouch: that is Sweet, i love it

our tiny cabin project: We started a project off a prefab and were less than 8k invested and the house is almost done. Totally off grid and a pretty cool micro tiny house. Forget what the nay sayers say.... once you consider halling all the materials to your build location you can NOT build one cheaper. Ours is a micro off grid tiny house. No where as big as what you shown, but I hope it worked out for ya.

VietVet 1970: Zoo of you saysayers are right. No plumbing, no electrical, no kitchen, no land . But there's no 30 year front end loaded mortgage, either.

Christopher Fulmer: He is very good at his job, He appreciates An loves the work he does. He puts his heart into his work. He does not believe in doing anyone wrong. He is a master at his work.

Green Acres country homestead Donna King: Check out our old set at green acres county farms fruitland Utah

Eye on art: when they make them and put them on tiny lot like mobile homes have. I would buy.

John Pacella: Actually, you can't just "move in" to this structure. It needs power, water, sewage....and some insulation (like under the windows?) just to make the minimum requirements of occupant permits.

mike b: I rather live in a pole building

mike b: one guy I can see not four people

Bee Free: That is a rip off....$10 grand and not even finished walls inside...You don't buy that and live in it until you totally finish the inside and put furniture in it....along with plumbing and electric....The end price will make this a bad deal!

Buy the limber and get a couple of friends and build it yourself and the extra 5 to 6 thousand that you save will go a long way to finishing this off.

This is only a shell for ten must have more money than brains to say this is a sweet deal!
prebuilt homes -Off grid cabin - tiny house - options you can afford for 10k 5 out of 5

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prebuilt homes -Off grid cabin - tiny house - options you can afford for 10k