Iomega External HDD Out-of-order, Blinking White Light

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MythicLlama: Just try a new hard drive enclosure at a local electronics store. Make sure it's the same form factor and connection before you purchase though, if you're unsure you can show the drive to an employee and they should give you the correct one.

Admiral Hippie: wut

Ass Con: Ahhh that sucks man. Hope you can get it fixed, I always look forward to your releases and videos.

nortzt: NOW yer freaked

Zemnmez: Check the pins that connect the miniUSB socket to the USB to SATA board. Then check the SATA to USB module is slotted in properly. Then remove the module and try using a SATA jumper connected directly to the bus. If it is then recognised, try recovering the data with forefront.

Action: @MusicGaming1 That was an IT joke. A lot of times when people have any kind of problem whatsoever, tech support always tells you to first restart your router/computer.

Ben Stephens: Its dead i had the same problem

Hurricaaane: @Vitaminous I can't afford RAID hardware setups, but I know about them. I have digital copies of most of my projects (Cloud backups, SVNs, etc.) but not of my videos or photos nor minor collections of files. I'm processing the HDD, it's not dead but there are some malfunctions, although data does not seem to be corrupted. However, data access seem to lag, as if the drive suddenly loses track and it needs to readjust back. Backups are hard to perform in these conditions.

MaGGoT4th: That Sucks

Silentghost187: @Hurricaaane how did you get to read on the pc

fany hwang: Man,that sucks. I hope you find a fix soon.

Hurricaaane: The HDD is NOT detected in the device list. It doesn't even show up as an unknown device. I have no idea whether it's the HDD hub that stopped working, or the HDD itself. The drive is NOT detected at all in the device list. How it stopped working: I was wondering why my external HDD didn't show up, so I moved the HDD around, and at some point the drive icon and name were found, but then disappeared, and it has stopped working.

BatIgorIsOne: Inspired me to make a backup of my data.

Hurricaaane: @MrDeadlyOctopus I'll try it soon. I hope it will work, I mean, this external hard drive holds more data than my gaming computer holds.

sonik121: Damn, i wouldnt know a way to help you but i hope that you get all your data back.

Action: Have you tried restarting your router?

RealmofJocken: This has happened to three HDD's of mine, in a period of late 2009 to late 2010. Recently I received my fourth one as well as a new motherboard, since it turned out that somehow my motherboard was crashing my HDD's. Now of course, none of my HDD's were external, they were all the main one I used for my comp. Chances are that your HDD has crashed, since these are the same symptoms I received.

Plaster Master: @Hurricaaane i had this too, just remove it from the external case and put in the computer and YAY no danm clicks anymore

Sam Thornton: @Hurricaaane I really hope it works D: This happened to my laptop; overheated hdd and then couldn't read it. Although I did hear that you can recover dead HDDs if you have the right equipment. Good luck :D

Sam Thornton: crap dude. You tried plugging the HDD straight into the PC?

MusicGaming1: @huggybear4sh router? how can the router be the problem?
Iomega external HDD out-of-order, blinking white light 4.3 out of 5

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Iomega external HDD out-of-order, blinking white light